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Xperia Play was a phone which was created as a phone to do something different. It was marketed as a phone which would be the answer to the calls of gamers, but it fell flat on its knees, due to its low specs and the lack support and exclusive games by Sony.

If this wasn’t disappointment enough for those who invested in the ill-fated device, which was supposed to be <a title="A True Playstation Phone" href="http://synergizmo free project management app.com/a-true-playstation-phone/” target=”_blank”>the Playstation Phone we had all been waiting for, it will come as a blow, that the Xperia Play will not be getting an Ice Cream Sandwich update.

Xperia Play ICS Update was something which all of the owners were waiting for, so as to benefit from the new features present in the update, and better performance due to hardware acceleration. But alas, Sony has decided to cancel any further updates for the Xperia Play, as they claim that there were stability issues with Android ICS on the Xperia Play.

Such a treatment is not affecting all the phones by Sony. The Xperia S, Xperia Neo, Xperia Mini, Xperia Mini Pro etc will all be getting the ICS update by Q3.

It looks like it is up to the Cyanogenmod Team to make a customized ROM available for the Xperia Play. Its sad to see Sony ditch a device in which we had so much faith in. Maybe next time, Sony will be able to produce a device which actually manages to deliver, and hence gets the love from its maker.

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