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Xbox 360 is a gaming console we all know about. Most of you probably still remember it as the matte-white console which was shown to everybody on May 12, 2005 on MTV and marked the beginning of seventh-generation video-games. Despite its flaws, the 360 proved to be a success and has given us various memorable games, both exclusive and multiplatform. We all know the role of Games such as Halo and Forza in today’s modern culture and the way they shaped the gaming world.

But games aside, the Xbox has always had an interesting interface which has provided a plethora of features to keep us busy when we are not gaming. Xbox has kept us busy with its ever-changing dashboards

The Blade Dashboard

Xbox was launched with the simplistic Blade dashboard, which consisted of a tabbed interface with 5 blades. Each blade offering a differnt feature of the console. It was easy to use and attractive too (for those times) and we loved it. It became a distinct feature of the Xbox’s persona along with that white-matte finish. But it soon changed.

The New Xbox Experience

Soon, in 2008 came along what was dubbed, the New Xbox Experiance. This was not just a radical departure from the Blades interface, but also a slew of new features was introduced. We saw the entry of Avatars, Facebook, lastFM, ESPN and more. Xbox had now changed from being just a gaming console, to a media hub. The New Xbox Experience had an overall good response and showed off the features of the Xbox with Panache.

This dashboard also gave a much needed feature to the Xbox, the ability to save on a USB drive, hence cary your save files from place to place.

And then along came the Microsoft Kinect. With it, the Dashboard got Motion control as well as voice controlled interface, all without touching your gamepad. But Microsoft didnt stop here. In came the Metro Dashboard.

The Metro Dashboard

On Dec 6, 2011, came along the new Metro Interface. This came up as  a uniforming bond between the Windows Phones and the upcoming Windows 8 tablets. It also now features better Kinect integration along with Bing Search, Youtube and Live TV. This Metro Dashboard along with the Kinect served as a breath of fresh air for the ageing Xbox 360. It was a major facelift for the Xbox.

If we look at what the dashboard of the Xbox is today, and what it was before, we would be shocked at the changes which it has undergone. But what is its scene with so many rumours of the Xbox 720 surfacing.

The Xbox 720

We cant really be sure when the Xbox 720 is coming around, but we can say one thing, that if the Metro UI is any hint, it will feature heavy integration with both Windows 8 as well as New Windows Phones. The Blades dashboards and NXE were not fit for such a merge, but if the Metro UI was to be carried forward for the Xbox’s predecessor (which we expect), it would be perfectly suitable. Of course it will not be carried forward as such, and changes will be evidently made, but we do have a generalised idea of what to expect .

We will probably see even more focus on social networking and social game play, and Kinect will probably turn into a pivotal part of navigating through menus.

What do you want from the new interface which is bound to come in the near future? Do you want more integration or a simple clean interface focused on gaming alone. Please Comment.


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