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Xbox 360 Advertisement- We have all seen it, and most of us hate it. No, we are not talking about the Xbox 360 commercials on TV, or as banners on websites, or even in flyers, which stuff our mailboxes. We are talking about those unsightly boxy ads which plague our display when we boot up our Xbox 360 to the metro inter-phase.

Sony and Nintendo fanboys, and also Xbots themselves have complained about the commercialisation of the Xbox 360 dashboard ever since the upgrade (was it an upgrade?) to the new Metro like Dashboard.

Whenever we power on our Xbox 360’s we are faced with a  bunch of Xbox 360 advertisements, some of which are relevant to the gaming world, others which have nothing to do with it. The dashboard has begun to look more like a flyer of BestBuy, instead of a gaming console.

We were pretty startled when once we were scanning over the Xbox 360’s dashboard and suddenly hear some advertisement about a new deal at Subway. We were taken aback at first. I looked around thinking that maybe somebody turned on the radio, and later noticed a small video advertisement playing in the bottom tile of the Xbox 360 Dashboard Home Tab.

We are not saying that advertisements are a complete pain in the ass. Sometimes the Xbox 360 Advertisements can actually be quite informative, tell us about new deals, which ultimately benefit us as a consumer. But for gamers like us who game more than one time a day, it becomes irritating to see the adds again and again.

How does Microsoft benefit from the Xbox 360 Advertisements and commercials? Obviously, a shit-load of advertisement revenue. Folks at Penny-Arcade have given quite a detailed analysis on the money generated by Microsoft on a per view basis (CPM), which we recommend you check out.

Microsoft knows how to exploit the dashboard to milk it for as much money as they can. And after them tasting the money they can make from Xbox 360 advertisements, we don’t think that they will stop it any time soon.

But as a consumer, what is it in it for us? Apart from the occasional information about the best deals (which we can get from other sources anyway), the advertisements just clog up our dashboard, and deter our attention from a pure gaming experience.

Unfairity of Xbox 360 Advertisement for the Consumer

The war between Xbox 360 and the PS3 has raged on ever since their announcement, but as time has passed, the gap between them closed greatly. But there is one qualm which Xbox 360 users always complain about, and PS3 users use in defence of their purchase.

Microsoft charging for the usage of Xbox Live.

Yeah, we know what many will say. People are going to say how superior the Xbox Live experience is as compared to the Playstation Network, and that the money spent is worth it.

Now, we are not going to go into whether it is worth it or not, but their is one point on which we think all gamers should unanimously agree. Its that if Microsoft is charging us for online play, we should at least be spared from looking at the unsightly Xbox 360 advertisements and commercials which blemish our displays.

I mean, isn’t this the way things are structured nowadays? (since the advent of free applications on mobile phones, and even PCs). The concept we are all familiar to is, that there is some application. It is plastered with adds, but otherwise made available for free. The consumers which are ready to pay for the app, will be given the advantage that they no longer have to view the adds.

But Microsoft is making a complete U-turn when it comes to Xbox 360 advertisement. We not only pay for Xbox Live services, but we are also made to view the adds. We mean, something has got to give.

Its unfair to the consumer, that despite paying a premium for online play, we are still made to view adds, which most, if not all, gamers have no interest in viewing.

Its good to see that video-game consoles have progressed beyond just gaming, Videogame consoles function as a whole media hub now. But developers and manufacturers should not forget, that gaming should always be the centre of attention when it comes to consoles, and that everything else is a bonus, not a die-for feature.

But instead of being this way, when we boot up the Xbox 360, we will get  a plethora of options to select, out of which a majority are either links to products which we can purchase on Xbox Live, or out-and-out advertisements.

Microsoft needs to make some changes with their dashboard, and tone down the money-machine attitude.


Personally, we think that advertisements should be stopped altogether, but we know that this is not a step which Microsoft will willingly take. So instead, we would suggest that they introduce some mode, by which the focus on videogames is increased, and there is a cut back on the amount of non-gaming products which Microsoft is trying to shove down our throats. I mean, we know that the latest movies (x,y,z) is available for download now, because it has been advertised by everybody from, iTunes to the Play Store, to Amazon etc. We don’t need the same information to be repeatedly thrust down our throats by a electronic device we have purchased primarily for gaming. As for the advertisements for things like food, they should either be completely stopped, or Microsoft should have some policy that each add can be only shown to a particular viewer only a limited amount of time.

What views do you guys have when it comes to Xbox 360 Advertisements and Xbox 360 Commercials which plaster all over our television sets? Are you go with them, or do you want them out of your face for good. Leave your comments in the comment section.


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