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Tablets are, by many analysists, considered an intermediate between smartphones and laptops. They offer a decent portability, have built in GPS, can access data anywhere with a subscribed data plan, can edit our documents etc. They are coming up as the holey grail of portable entertainment and office work. So its obvious that all consumer electronic manufacturers want a piece of the pie.

With tablets being manafactured by everyone from Samsung to Motorola to Apple to Blackberry to Acer, its safe to say that almost all major manafacturers have jumped onto the bandwagon. But it should be taken into consideration, that these companies only have a say in how to develop the hardware. On the software side, we have the 3 Giants

Apple. Google. Microsoft.

Apple’s role in the tablet market is not hidden to anyone. Tablets have been around for a time, but the iPad was the tablet which began the revolution. Followed by the Android powered tablets such as the Motorola Xoom and the Galaxy Tab, Google with the help of Android also began its quest for market domination.

But there was one company which didnt get to taste the success. Microsoft.

Microsoft simply made Windows 7 available on select tablets. We have all used Windows 7 and know that it is not touch optimised. It may work good on our PCs and Laptops (some may also argue this statement), but for a tablet? It left a sour taste in our mouths.

Microsoft began to realise that Windows 7 is not for tablets and hence began the quest for a tablet friendly OS. What could it be called? Its a shocker. Windows 8.

The new beta-state of Windows 8 powered tablets were shown. They featured a Metro Interface similar to the interface found on the new Xbox 360 Dashboard or Windows Phones 7.5 Mango. This OS actually intrigued us.

It was not just another me-too tablet. It had a menu system and design which made it by far the most unique OS for a tablet. We wernt sure whether the consumer would be able to accept such a radical departure from the standard Windows style, but we knew that Windows was onto something cool, from the deveopers point of view.

Current State of Windows 8 Tablets

Windows 8 tablets have not been released yet, but have been made available for display to the public many times. And we cant say that we are disappointed. The interface is slick, looks cool and is quite unique. The OS will support Skype to boot, and also has integration in a way that we can modify our documents in total Windows Glory with MS Office support and Office 365. Many companies will be manufacturing the hardware, so we wont go into that. But what we can say is the Microsoft has a good minimum criteria. As of now, all Windows Tablets are have a screen size of approx. 10 inchs. The processor powering the tablets were originally exclusivly Intel based, but Microsoft has joined hands with ARM to produces the WoA tablets. The infrastructure of the tablets is also such, so has it supports super-fast boots, as low as 8 seconds. This is due to some kernels remaining open as the tablets actually go into a hibernating stage when it shuts down.

On the software front, the Tablets will be following the Windows Store Model, similar to Windows Phones. We expect to see many tablet specific apps to come in as time passes such as the aforementioned Office 365.

With good integration with Windows 8, the new Windows 8 tablets could prove a charmer.

What we Want

The tech world is such  that we desire what we can’t have (or the developers arnt willing to give us…yet)

We here at SynerGizmo firmly beleive that Windows 8 for tablets can really prove to be a strong competiton with Android and iOS. Windows 8 for tablets in its current state is promising as such, but we cant help to make some suggestions which we think could make it better.

How cool would it be if the Windows 8 tablets could be designed in a way that they could support standard Windows applications as such. Yup, you got it. Everything from Photoshop Elements to Mass Effect 3 on your tablet. Yeah, yeah. We know that this is not what tablets are for. But it would be cool if the option was available. Think of the possiblities.

A hardware chipset to sync your data to your tablet from Windows-based PC without Wifi would be a dream come true.

A USB port which supported all the standard hardware which we already use? Mice, keyboards, gamepads?

Of course these things would totally blur the line between PCs and Tablets, but remember the touch interface could make both miles apart. Its upto the developers how they want to use it. Think of it this way, the iPhone and iPad are quite similar spec and hardware wise (except maybe screen size), but look at the way the developers have made use of the assets of the iPad.

What do you think of the upcoming Windows 8 tablets, will they be able to displace the stronghold on the tablet market? What features do you want in the upcoming tablets? Answer in the comments. They are valuable to us.


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