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Sound is a front which today’s gadgets tend to overlook. Its always about the new display technology and processing power of upcoming laptops, tablets, mobile phones etc. We tend to skip over the whole sound-part of technology. So it comes as good news that the upcoming Windows 8 Tablets will feature Dolby Digital Plus Audio Technology. The tablet will feature Dolby Digital Plus 5.1-channel decoding and two-channel encoding. This may appear as just technical jargon to most, but goes a long way in producing a more cinematic audio experience.

Speaking technically, we think that Dolby Digital Tech will actually add to the experiance when using a Windows 8 Tablet, and it is not just a gimmick. Recently Beats Audio in various devices like the HTC One X or HP Spectre as been in news, but in reality, Beats Audio is more of just an equaliser setting than an actual audio improvement. Effects by Beats Audio can easily be achieved by equalizers on various devices like PowerAmp on Android Phones and all major media players on Windows.

Windows 8 on Tablets is looking better and better, and Windows 8 Tablets with Dolby is like a cherry on top of what we expect a very tasty cake.

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