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We are all waiting to get our hands on a new console (eight generatiion). The seventh generation consoles have dragged along for quite some time now, and it is about time we see something fresh.

Nintendo is taking  up the task, to release their new console, the Wii U, first and begin the new generation of consoles.

It was expected that the Wii U would be released some time after E3 2012, but a Japanese Gaming Retailer, Media Land, has appenently said tha the successor of the Wii will be debuting on 18th November, 2012  in the US, a week before its launch in Japan. This is just a rumour, and we have no confirmation as of now. But its still nice to have a figure in minds (even if it turns out to be wrong).

The console will release when it will. The main thing is whether it will be up to our expectations or not. This is a different story. Visit our previous post for more details


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