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We we have come to expect that the future generations of consoles will be more expensive then the current generation. The PS4 and Xbox 720 are quite far off at the time, but Wii U is just around the corner. And we all have a question in mind. What will be the Wii U’s Price?

Price plays an important role in the success of a console. Even if a console is not as powerful as its competitors, or has lacklustre lauch titles, if the price point is right, the console can still take off.

Rumours as claiming that the Wii U will be launched at a price of $299, which is very affordable by today’s standard. Apparently the Wii U itself costs $180 and an extra $50 for the remote. So, basically, the Wii U will be selling at a profit right from the start. This is good news for Nintendo, as the latest video game hardwares such as the PS Vita and Nintendo 3ds both are sold at a loss.

To keep the price low, Nintendo has decided to use current generation CPU and GPU. This greatly brought down the Wii U Price. The future Xbox and PS4 on the other hand will be using reportedly very powerful components and hence be more pricier.

Only time will tell if this trade off of specs for price proves as a boon or curse for Nintendo. The route followed by Nintendo is already questioned by gamers and critics alike. See our previous post on the Wii U Hardware Dilemma for details on this.


More information will be reveal this E3, till then here is the leaked and expected Wii U Price for all you avid gamers, waiting eagerly for some 8th Generation Juice.

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