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Nintendo has been under high pressure from hardcore gamers to produce a console worthy of today’s specs. The Wii may have been the highest grossing Nintendo console yet, but it was not followed up by games which pleased hardcore gamers. As a trade-in for hardcore gamers, Nintendo captured a whole new market. The market of the casual gamers.

Nintendo soared strong on the Wii for quite some time, but when the PS3 and Xbox 360 got some major price drops, and sales began to pickup, gamers started to shift towards the more powerful consoles, and the sales of the Wii began to slump.

To make sure such a situation does not repeat again, Nintendo has decided to create a console to satisfy both the core gamers, as well as the casual gamers.

This can be reflected in the new controller of the upcoming Wii U.

Last E3, Nintendo showed off their new HD console. But more than the console, we were interested in the remote. Featuring a large six inch screen, motion sensors,  a camera, a mic and mini speakers. these things were enough to attract the casual gamers, but Nintendo also decided to throw in  dual joysticks, a D pad, shoulder buttons etc. so that all modern FPSs, RPGs etc. could also be played, because multiplatform games would be more easily ported over, without having to deeply modify the controller scheme.

The main gripe we had with the controller was the joysticks. They looked more like nubs, or a circle pad, like the ones found on the Nintendo 3ds.

But recently a leaked image of the finalised Wii U controller have surfaced. A quality tester at TT games uploaded the pic on Twitter.

Apparently, the finalised version of the Wii U remote will have actual joysticks instead of nubs. This is really good news, as we all know how irritating the nubs on portable consoles can be.

The positions of some buttons have also changed on the Wii U controller, but its not comment worthy.

There has also been the introduction of two square buttons on the Wii U controller, whose functions are currently unknown.

The Wii U is  actually looking up now, but we think it will be best to wait for E3, before formulating  an actual viewpoint, of what the Wii U will turn out to be.



  1. @Matt- Yes, the controller is huge, but if it offers a new gaming experience in the coming times, we’ll be willing to accept the mammoth size. Would’t you?

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