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Nintendo is a company which knows how to sell its products. It produces hardware which may not be the most powerful spec wise, but due to a wide array of quality games, and a competitive price manages to sell like hot cakes. This can be reflected in many products produced by Nintendo varying from the Wii to the Nintendo DS .

Nintendo is trying to work the formula further with the launch of the Wii Mini priced at a low price of only $99. This seems to be a peculiar strategy by Nintendo, due to the fact that they are launching the Wii Mini at around the time of launch of the new Nintendo Wii U. 

The Price of the Nintendo Wii Mini may be affordable, but is it worth it?

Nintendo has made many compromises when it comes to features to bring down the price of the Wii Mini. The Wii Mini is lacking backward compatibility and also will not be able to go online to play multi-player games.

The lack of multi-player features and backward compatibility is a huge trade-off, owing to the fact that the standard Wii can be purchased at a price of only $119, which not only is lacking the features omitted in the Wii Mini, but also comes bundles with Wii Sports.

We are not sure what strategy Nintendo is playing with the launch of the Wii Mini. The console is reportedly targeted at the family audience, but we do not think that there is any gaming-household which lacks an internet connection in today’s modern day world.

Another weird decision by Nintendo is that the Wii Mini is being made available only in Canada. And as of now, it does not look like Nintendo is going to launch the device anywhere else.

This could be for various reason, but we personally think that the Wii Mini is being launched only in Canada as an experiment. Maybe Nintendo is looking forward to releasing a Wii U Mini, and the Wii Mini is just a device to check out the waters.

It is expected that Nintendo will reveal more details on the scope and prospect of the Wii Mini, and we will keep you posted.

But if you take our opinion, we recommend that you spend twenty bucks more and purchase the standard Wii as opposed to the Wii Mini. It will payback in dividends.

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