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Video Games, ever since their arrival, have been strongly promoted by particular characters. We usually identify a particular game or gaming console by the unique characters which they have. These characters are not only those, around who the story is centred, but are the characters who we use to explore the virtual worlds, which us gamers spend countless hours on.

From Atari to Xbox 360, we have played as literally thousands of characters. Many are memorable, and many more are forgettable, but still there are these particular pixel folks which we all love (or hate), but whatever they are, have carved a place in our minds. So here are the Top 10 Video Game Characters of all Time.

10. Master Chief

Many of you are probably saying, “Whoaa?” But admit it. Most video game charecters which we talk about are, are usually veteran characters, who we have been seeing from the 8 bit days. But Master Chief, right from the Original Halo, is a character who is iconic in modern gaming. FPS’s are arguably the most popular genre of gaming, but we may not remember any other character by name, except Master Chief, and that is evidence enough of his supremacy.

9. Crash Bandicoot

Crash was the mascot of Sony for quite some time. He may have lost his appeal now, but in his prime, he was a character which we all loved. He was an instant success with his entry in his 1996 game,and remained quite popular, until Naughty Dog left him, for newer projects. The Crash Bandicoot games might not be as good as they used to, but they do bring back a sense of Deja vu when we play them.

8. Kratos

The God Of War Series is a masterpiece, there is no questioning that. It is an action game which takes “action” to a whole new level. Even people who do not like the genre have to admit that God of War is one gripping game. And Kratos plays a major role in its success. The bold, vengeful character oozes a persona which not many digital persons can handle. His bald head, muscular physique, and killer weapons are what make his character complete.

7. Lara Croft

Video Games are usually centred around a male character, be it human, animal, or alien (amongst other weirder forms). But Lara Croft is an exception. She is strong, smart and oozes sex appeal. She is one of the rare character who has made a transition to the silver screen, and actually become successful. Tomb Raider was a success, but its success cannot be stated, without a mention of Lara Croft.

6. Gordon Freeman

Half Life is a series of games which redefined modern FPSs. And Gordon’s role in this was pivotal. He was the star of the wonder series, and has carved a place in our minds, with only a few games, in fact only 2 (i.e if we don’t include the various other episodes). Gordon otherwise had a very casual look and style, but the way in which he carried forward Half Life, made this common man, a star.

5. Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog is a game we have all played. And it is one of those games which is just so exhilarating, although physically impossible (but then again, who looks at logic when playing a platforming game?) The fast-paced nature of the gaming is something which makes us still play the original version, which dates back to 1991. This character is a mascot for not only Sega, but the whole 16 bit era of gaming.

4. Pac Man

Pac Man may have featured in many games, but we are not considering any of them, except for the first. Pac Man in the first game was enough to make him iconic. This game is a cult, and it made Pac Man a cult also. The Character may just look like a a pie with a missing piece, but in his simplicity, lies his charm.

3. Cloud Strife

Final Fantasy is a game which is known for its memorable characters. The games themselves are also really fun, not to mention graphically beautiful. We have seen many Final Fantasy games through the years, but none have been able to get the appeal which Final Fantasy VII garnered. And with this game, came a very memorable character. Cloud Strife. His spiky hair and dark blue getup can be still remembered. After all, he was the protagonist of the best Final Fantasy game (and seen in many other spin-offs)

2. Link

Link is the main character from the Zelda series of games. We have spent countless hours in quests following this green dude, and we just cant have enough of him. He is one of Nintendo’s stars who’s name alone commands and almost guarantees a successful launch for a game staring him. Link has been popluar right from his basic sprite form, to his current 3d sword yielding character.

1. Mario

No questions here. Mario is not only the face of Nintendo, but the face of video games. His name is known to gamers and non-gamers alike. He is not just a character, but a legend. Who would have know this moustache bearing, suspender clad plumber would become such a hit. Mario has games assosiated with him, which are considered some of the best games of all time. These include Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy etc, and other games, in which he is a part of  larger roster of character, like Super Smash Bros., and Mario Kart.

Mario is a charecter who has withstood the test of time, and is still as popular today,  as he was in the 8bit days.

So here was a list of the Top 10 Video Game Characters, which we consider the face of video games. What is your say? Do you think that somebody else should be included in the list? Leave your comments in the comment section below.


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