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E3 2012 over and gone, but has left us with an interesting slew of games. We may have not seen many things on the hardware front, but the software front, according to us was pretty good. Yeah, we know many people are complaining that this year was not a good one for the E3, but personally we think that there are a couple of really cool games which make up for the otherwise weak shows at E3. Here is what we think are the top games shown at E3. We have kept the list down to the top 5, because these are the ones we truly loved. There is no point of extending our selection just for the heck of  it. So here we go. The Top Games at E3 2012.

5. Halo 4.

Love it or hate it, Halo is a game which has gained a cult status, and it is inevitable that it gets a spot in this list. Halo 4 looks not only beautiful graphically, but looks to be the best Halo till date gameplay wise. Master Chief is back, and ready to kick some ass. Its been around 5 years since the last Halo, and graphics and gameplay mechanics have advanced by leaps and bounds since then, so for all of us who have spent dozens, if not hundred of hours playing Halo, Halo 4 will be a visual treat in every respect. New enemies, Forerunners, have been introduced, along with an increased arsenal of weapons. It will interesting to see how the campain play out upon release browse around this site.

4. Assassins Creed III

Assassins Creed has risen to become one of Ubisoft’s star games. The gameplay mechanics which were shown off in Assassins Creed I were awesome back then, and we still love them. This game wasn’t about in-your-face killing, it was about getting the job done with secrecy and panache. Assassins Creed III has beautiful graphics, and takes place in a whole new venue. You will now have the ability to climb trees, steer ships, and loads of more stuff hidden up Ubisoft’s sleeves.

3. The Last Of Us

Naughty Dog has already created one of the most successful game of this generation, Uncharted, and is ready to add another feat to its name. The Last of Us is a game, which is a post-apocalyptic third person shooter, which takes the genre to a whole different level. The visuals are one of the best we have seen on consoles, and the reality with which the character shoots and gets shot in the game, make the appeal of the game even more. It looks like Sony has managed to add another superb exclusive game to its ever-increasing list first part games.

2. ZombiU

We were expecting that this year Nintendo would try to wow us with one of its classic character-based games for the Wii U. You known, a Mario Game, Zelda or Metroid. But instead, Ubisoft took the Nintendo conference in its own hands, and showed off a really cool game which drew our attention more than any other game shown at the conference. ZombiU shows that the tablet controller is not just a gimmick, and that it can be used to introduce something new to the gaming experience. The Wii U Gamepad can be used as a scanner to detect paranormal activity. This game has some juice in it, lets see if it manages to deliver.

1. Watch Dogs

This game stole the show at this years E3. This was a game which nobody was expecting, but we were floored upon seeing it. The game is not only one of the best games we have seen visually, it offers a complete different take on, if we may call it,  third person shooters. The mechanics of the game make it kind of a mix-breed of a shooter-cum-action game, with stealth options ala Assassins Creed (well, its from the same makers).

The protagonist is a hacker who can jam signals of government infrastructure, mobile signals, listen into calls sneakily, and then kick some ass, face-to-face. We are really excited about this game, and cant wait to get out hands on the final version.

These were, according to us, the Best Games at E3 2012. We would also like to give honourable mentions to God Of War: Ascension, Dishonoured, Borderlands II, Pikmin 3, amongst others.

What do you think are the Top Games? Leave your comments in the comment section below?


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