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One of the major purposes of our mobile phones apart from taking calls is listening to music. Admit it, we all do. Nowadays, more people listen to music on their mobile phones as compared to dedicated music devices. And gone are those days where we had to listen to music using the lowly built in media player. Today, there are a host of different applications which are present on mobile devices which try to give the best musical experiance possible. Giving everything from equalizers, playback of multiple formats, music streaming, sharing on social networks.

Android is particularly a platform which has many apps to provide a desktop like musical experience. Not to say that the stock music player sucks, but it is limiting. Hence we Display have compiled a list of the top 3 apps for Android, to make your musical experience worthwhile. Note that this in not a top 10 list, because that would be a stretch. These 3 are all really good and the rest just dont come in the same catagory.

1. Winamp

Winamp is one of the most used computer application for music and not without reason. The seamless interface and slew of equalisers and loads more made it what Welcoming it is. Winamp came to Android a little time back, but only in a Beta-form. It was fast, and had a sleek interface, but no equalisers and other social features which it should have had. Here comes in Winamp Pro, which features everything from steaming, 10 built in equalisers, SHOUTCast, free music streaming, a lag free interface. All these features for us, makes it the best Android Music Player

2. PowerAmp

Many will argue that PowerAmp should be first, and if it wasnt for the Pro version of Winamp, we would agree. PowerAmp is fast, has tons of tweeking options, plays all major formats. But its look is  a mjor turndown and is nowhere near as polished as Winamp. Plus after testing both apps with high-end Sennheiser Headphones, we observed better sound from Winamp under most equalisers.

3. Mixzing Music Player

Mixzing Music Player is the most feature rich music player on Android platform. It comes with an equaliser, ability to view lyrics with the app itself, ability to download album art and edit music tags. It also offers a feature similar to Apples Genius. Also we can access our video collection from the phone itself. Regardless of all these features, Mixzing comes in at 3rd because of some bugs which cripple the experience and that its level of polish is not equal to that of Winamp



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