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Android phones differentiate themselves from the competition due to their wide range of customizability options. We can customize everything from the menu system, to the wallpapers, to the lockscreens, to the music players and so forth.

Today’s Android Phones come powered by uber-powerful processors, and quad-core phones are now becoming the norm. But the default launchers included by the mobile phone manufacturers cripple the mobile computing experience to a large extent. Take the Samsung Galaxy S2 for example. A very powerful phone, which is made handicapped by the Touch Wiz interface.

So it is inevitable for all Android users to change their launchers pronto, so as to get the best mobile experience possible. There are many Android launchers available in the Play Store which can make using Android so much better. Here we will be discussing the Top Android Launcher which we recommend everybody should use.

1. Go Launcher

This is the best amongst the Top Android Launchers. This launcher features everything which the stock Home Launchers in Android should have as a norm.

Go Launcher is fast, free, and offers a shitload of customizability options.

Go Launchers provided horizontal scrolling and folder options akin to the iPhone, which not only makes the Android interface more usable to users shifting from and iDevice, but also increases productivity. We have all faced the problem of having tons of apps, but are unable to locate them in the app drawer of the stock Android Launchers.

Go Launcher offers many transition effects, and is also the best launcher when it comes to eye-candy.

Coupled with loads of themes and further customizability options available in the Play Store, you cannot go wrong with Go Launcher.

Go Launcher is more resource heavy as compared to its competition, but not by a large amount. We have tried it out on many budget phones (Samsung Galaxy Y, Dell XCD35 etc.) and can confirm it offers decent usability, with a bearable hiccup here and there. This Launcher definitely deserves to be a King amongst the Top Android Launchers

2. Launcher Pro

Many consider Launcher Pro as the holy grail when it comes to Android Launchers. And not without reason. Launcher Pro is available as a free and a paid version. Both versions are pretty good, the only difference being that the payed version offers a bit more options in tweaking the interface.

Launcher Pro is easily the fastest Android Launcher. It runs silky smooth on even the oldest of hardware, and also offers a decent amount of customization. Launcher Pro offers a zero lag experience, but you will miss out on a few features which Go Launcher has.

You will loose out on horizontal scrolling, folder options, and  a limited amount of screen transitions.

But it is included amongst the Top Android Launchers due to its speed, and efficiency, which is matched by none. It is easily the fastest Android Launcher.

3. ADW Launcher

ADW Launcher is a launcher which is quite similar to Launcher Pro. It is fast, comes in a free and a paid version, and offers decent customization.

A cool thing about ADW Launcher is that it also offers horizontal scrolling options, but apart from this, it offers an experience similar to Launcher Pro.

We recommend using the free version instead of the paid version, due to the fact that the paid version has some bloat, which hinders the experience.

We also noted that on various devices the app drawer did not launch upon single touch of the icon. It sometimes requires more than one click. This can prove a hindrance, and we have stopped using ADW Launcher due to this problem.

4. SPB Shell

SPB Shell is trying to do something different and hence deserves a position in our list of Top Android Launchers.

We were shocked when we first used SPB Shell, to see how a radical departure it was from what everybody else was doing. It offers loads of home screen which are divided on the basis of their utility. These home screens offer a beautiful 3d transition effect.

SPB Shell may look cool, but is doesn’t go a long way in offering customizability. You get what you get, and cannot change it. The novelty of SPB Shell is soon lost.

SPB Shell is also the most pricey amongst the Top Android Launchers. But we can also assure that the money will be worth it, as it offers really cool  eye-candy, and also surprisingly works on even old hardware.

5. Launcher 7

This is also a launcher which is a different take on the Android experience. After this launcher is installed, it offers an experience similar (visually) to the Windows Phone 7. It offers the live tiles look, and also a similar app launcher. This is also available as a free and a paid version. Here we would recommend the payed version, as you will not have to look a the hideous adds which appear on the bottom of the free version.

So, here was a list of the Top Android Launchers. After hundreds of hours of experience with each launcher, we would easily recommend that you go for Go Launcher, as it offers the best customizability as well user interface. Do you have any suggestions? Are there some other launchers which you think should be included in the list of the Top Android Launchers apart from what we have mentioned? Leave your comments in the comment section below.



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