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Mobile Phones are devices which serve a pivotal role in our lives. They are a mode of communication, a mode of listening to music, taking photos, playing games and a whole bunch of other things. Gone are the days where we used mobile phones only to make phone calls and send a few text messages. Today, mobile phones are acting as mini computers, and hence buying a mobile phone is a decision which we make with utmost care.

Android phones are one of the most trending phones at the time. They are available at many price points and are affordable for everybody. But just buying an Android phone isn’t enough. You have to take a few steps after buying an Android Phone to make the process complete. Below, we are giving the top 10 things to do after buying an  Android Phone.

1. Create a Google Account

This is something which you are going to have to do immediately, if you do not already possess one. A Google account is needed not only for accessing your emails, but also for downloading apps in the Play Store. So this is the first thing every new Android User Must do.

2. Change Your Launcher

Most Android Phones come with crap launchers, with the exception of maybe the HTC Sense. These not only slow down the phone, but generally also look ugly. We recommend that you install a different launcher pronto. There are various launchers, but some good ones include, Launcher Pro, ADW Launcher, Go Ex Launcher etc. A detailed post will soon  be coming regarding the top launchers for Android.

3. Install an Alternative Music App

Although the music app on Android is not bad, but if you want the full experience, we recommend that you install a 3rd Party Music Player App. Check the Link Below for more details on these


4. Install Advanced Task Killer

This is kind of a controversial topic, but we believe that having a task killer does prove useful. We have seen many times that when a phone begins to lag (and Android does lag), task killer have many times help speed the phone up.

5. Install a Flash-light App

Many of you are probably like, “Whoa?” But this is very important. We cannot state enough, how useful a flashlight app is. It has helped out in tight situations many times, and we reccomend it to everybody.

6. Install a Different Web Browser

Android comes with a powerful web browser which supports flash and all, but, its slow and not that visually appealing. So we recommend that you download an alternative browser. This can be anything from Opera Mobile to Dolphin Browser. We recommend Opera Mobile for a complete browser, and Opera Mini for Speed. The New Opera Mini 7 has just come out, and is worth checking out.


7. Install a new Video Player

Android has a decent video player, but it doesn’t support many formats and is low on features. We recommend that you instal Mx Player or Rock Player so as to view all your desired videos on your phone, provided that your hardware supports it.

8. Install Beautiful Widget

This is not essential, but we cannot stress enough how good it looks and how useful it is. It will tell the date, time, weather etc. Many other apps also mimic it, but this is the best.

9. Install a Battery Widget

This can be very useful as it will tell the exact percentage of battery remaining in your phone. This is very useful for those people who wait till the last minute before putting their phone on charge.

10. Root your Phone

This is kind of advanced, but can be very useful. Rooting your phone gives you complete command over your phone, and you can access things which are not normally accessible. This will also void your warranted, and if not done properly, brick your phone. So this is a step to be taken with caution and is not for everyone.

There are loads of other thing which you may wish to do once you purchase an Android Phone, but the above are the ones which we think are most important. If you have any suggestions, please leave them below.





  1. @Mohsin- Thank you for visiting SynerGizmo
    We understand your problem, and there is a solution! If your phone is Android 2.2 or more, then there will be a feature to install apps to the memory card. This is located under “Applications” option in settings. If you have a version of Android below 2.2, the you must install an app called “AppstoSD”. This will allow you to install the apps onto your memory card.
    If you are talking about the various bloat-ware present on your phone, then you must first root your phone, and then you can delete all the unnecessary softwares present on your phone, installed by the manufacturer.
    If you need more assistance, be free to ask.

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