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Tablets are quickly rising as the gadgets of the decade. They were looked upon with uncertainty when they were first shown, as people were unable to find a reason to purchase these devices, when they already owned smartphones and laptops. But steadily the tablet gained popularity, and is now one of those gadgets which everyone wishes to behold.

Although the tablet is on everybodies wishlist today, there is one limiting factor which is coming in the way of it and  out-of-the-roof success.

The Price.

The iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Motorola Xoom etc are all very powerful tablets which are also quite popular amongst the consumer. But all of these tablets are priced on the upper side of $500, which isnt very affordable to the common man.

Tablets may be multifunctional in their use, but they do not, yet, have any must-have functions. Almost  anything which a Tablet can do, a smartphone or laptop can do better. Also, for usually a less premium price.

Just to quote an example, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is priced at $499. For the same price you can buy a decent spec laptop which offers more productivity. Similarly, you can get a powerful smartphone, which offers the portability that a tablet can never offer, along with other features.

Despite these facts, everyone wants a tablet and many are willing to settle for less than the best in order to get a tablet. Manafacturing companies are aware of this, and hence they are producing tablets which are cheaply priced, but fail to deliver. The consumer initially is pulled by the “tablet tug” but later regrets his or her purchase. Hence, here, we have complied a list of  the top 10 reasons not to be a budget Tablet.

1. They are Slow

This goes for without saying. Today when tablets are going the quad-core route, most of the budget tablets have a weak 800 Mhz processor or at max, a 1 Ghz processor. These low-end processors are not enough for heavy multi-tasking and running various apps (particularly gaming), which really puts the consumer off.

2. Bad Displays

Most budget tablets are having poor screen resolutions and bad viewing angles. These make activities like reading a book or watching a movie more of a chore than a leisure. Forget Retina Display like resolutions, some low-end tablets have screen resolutions as low as 800×480,. which looks horrible when blown up to 7” to 10 inches.

3. Poor Touch Interface

Budget tablets either come with dated-resistive displays or low-grade capacitive display. As touch is the primary method of input for a tablet, when it fails to deliver, it renders the whole experience moot.

4. Laggy Launchers/Menu System

Budget tablets usually sport custom launchers which are buggy and laggy. These launchers make the use of the tablet a nuisance. A bad touch screen along with a poor launcher makes the whole tablet experiance hellish, and may put the consumer off tablets all together

5. Poor Cameras

Yeah, yeah. It irritates us just as much as it irritates you when we see a person talking a photograph with a tablet instead of a smartphone or a simple point-and-shoot. But still, having a camera in a tablet can prove useful. Budget tablets either don’t have cameras, or the cameras are of low quality. Apart from the primary camera, secondary cameras are also useful for video-chatting. Budget tablets usually lack these

6. Outdated OS

Forget Ginderbread or ICS, budget tablets usually feature old versions of Android which can go as back upto Android 2.1 (Eclair). This leaves you out on various features which only the latest OS support. Also you will be unable to use various apps which are supported by only the latest iterations of the OS.

7. Low Memory

Budget tablets usually have low internal memory. This can prove very irritating, especially when coupled with a old version of Android which doesn’t support installing apps to an SD card. Speaking of memory, the RAM on budget tablets is usually quite low

8. They are bulky.

Budget tablets are usually having a thicker dimension than other high-end tablets featuring the same screen size.  This makes carrying the tablets very annoying and hence makes the person loose interest in the device .

9. They are Ugly

Admit it. Budget tablets are ugly. This can be for various reason. But we believe the lack of screen sheen as the primary reason. How we   love the beautiful shine of a brand new tablet adorned with Gorilla Glass. Gorilla Glass is a luxury budget tablets cannot afford. Apart from the screen, budget tablets usually have a cheap, plasticy feel which is a major turn-off.

10. No Additional Features.

Budget tablets usually are very bare-bones in their featurs. They will have only the nessesities and nothing more. Forget HDMI. Forget any type of docks

We are not saying that budget tablets are utter garbage. They do perform a majority of things which their high-end counterparts do, but just not as swiftly.

In the end we would like to say that if you have decided to go out and buy a budget tablet, go for the name-brand version and not the Chinease knock-offs which are being produced. We recommend the Lenovo Ideapad A1, if you want a pure Android experience, or the Kindle Fire if you also want a e-reader type experience.



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