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The iPhone and iPad have emerged as not only communication and multimedia devices. They have become a source of portable gaming, so much to the extent that analysists are claiming that mobile (or tablet) gaming has killed tradition portable consoles (although we do not believe this is true… expect more on this in an upcoming post.)

But like it or not, mobile gaming is here and its here to stay. So today we have compiled a list of the All time Best iPhone and iPad games. This list is made on a number of factors ranging from sales, style, replay value, innovation etc. So here we go

10. Nova

As of now, there are many FPS games present on the iPhone and iPad, but the revolution started with NOVA. This game has killer graphics and gives an almost PSP level experiance. It has over 13 levels and can be played online over Wifi as well as over bluetooth. This game is a must have for likers of the genre and not.

9. Real Racing GTi

Real Racing GTi is a very appealing racing game, both gameplay wise as well as graphically. When we first tested out this game, we were shocked to see that such graphics were possible on a mobile platform (of course this has changed recently with the entry of the PS Vita and newer revisions of the iPhone/iPad). It is a racing game complete in all respects and is highly recommended.

8. World of Goo

This game has won many award and not without reason. It has fun gameplay which is addictive and its visuals are charming in their own quirky sort of way. In this game you get to drag and drop balls of Goo to build various structures. The premise may be simple, but in reality the game is quite complex and has loads of levels. Highly recommended.

7. Peggle

To describe this game in one word. Addictive. This game is a simple slide and shoot but built in such  way, you wont even realise how it is eating into your life. From the makers of Plants vs Zombies, this game is another masterpiece and should be a part of everybody’s collection.

6. Doodle Jump

After wasting hours and hours away on this game, we were shocked to realise how much time this simplistic game wasted. The wierd green little dude just jumps higher and higher on the platforms and shoots thinga-mabobs at the “baddies”. If played to get a high score better then your friends, this game can get really competitive.

5. GTA China Town Wars

This was an originally a game on the Nintendo DS, but soon Rockstar decided to port this game over to iOS. Boy, was this a good decision. This game gave a full handheld experience on the iPhone and proved that the iPhone could be used as a source of hardcore gameplay. This is a game in which you can easily sink in 20 hours, and you will still want more. A masterpiece.

4. Plants vs Zombies

This game may appear to be just a tower defence game, but this game is much more. It features gameplay which keeps you on your toes, although each level starts off slow. In the game, you have to simply keep away the Zombies by planting seeds in the way,which will do various things such as shoot at the Zombies or create walls which the Zombies have to eat through. On paper, this game may seem simple, but it has to be played to experience its greatness.

3. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is a game which we identify mobile gaming with. It has now made its place on Facebook as well as Microsoft Kinect. In this game, we simply slice fruits with our finger on the touch screen and try to avoid the bombs. Apart from this standard mode, there are loads of other modes which make the game a time sink in all places (the office, schools, the loo)

2. Infinity Blade II

This game is a game which was an eye opener for gamers all over the world. This game showed off physics and graphics which rivaled the current consoles, and was also fun to play. This game proved that there was scope to produce high-profile games on a mobile front. This game, deserves all the accolades it is getting

1. Angry Birds

Wow. This was a shocker. Angry Birds is a game which we have all played or heard about. This game is legendary in its success and shows that mobile gaming is no less then console or PC gaming (entertainment wise). Everybody from kids to grannies have played or atleast seen Angry Birds. This game (also on Facebook) is  a game which we continue to play, even when we are frustrated because we can’t find a solution. The concept is simple. Hit the Pigs with the various birds. But this game goes to show that how a simple concept if implemented properly can go a long way.

So, there you have it. The Top 10 iPhone/iPad games. Remember that this list is subjective, and you may have a completely different list. Please give your input. We may even prepare a new list based on our reader’s response.

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