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The Xbox 360 is a seventh generation console which is going strong despite being of quite some age (by console standards). The Xbox 360 was released on November 22, 2005, and has seen steady sales since then.

Microsoft has taken measures at the right time to keep the Xbox something the consumer would like to spend their hard earned money on. When Microsoft thought that the Xbox needed a sales boost, out came the slimmer version of the Xbox 360 along with the motion sensing peripheral, the Kinect. The Kinect was a runaway success and breathed fresh air into the console.

While these hardware changes happened, Microsoft also updated the Dashboard of the Xbox 360 in such a way that it made the Xbox more than just a video-game console. It made the Xbox a complete media hub. (For more information on this, refer to http://synergizmo.com/xbox-360-to-xbox-720-the-story-of-the-dashboards/ )

In fact, a survey conducted last year even went to say that almost half of the use of the Xbox 360 has shifted towards non-gaming multimedia purposes, which is saying alot, as the Xbox 360 is a gaming console first and everything else second.

Microsoft is also aware of these facts and hence, if Blogger MS Nerd is to be believed, is preparing to release a New Xbox Lite due for release in 2013. This will be a stripped down ARM based version of the Xbox 360, which will primarily be used to play Arcade Games, and Kinect Applications, along with acting as a media hub, similar to the Apple TV.

This will not be a successor to the current Xbox 360, just a device catering to a different need.

The idea in theory sounds quite cool, but if you think about it, when the Xbox 360 is already available at such an affordable price, why would somebody settle for half the experiance? I mean, the Xbox 360 is available for around 200$ and can be bought for less if bought at the opportune moment. The Xbox Lite will probably be priced at around 100-150$. So the difference is not that much. According to us, it would be better to just knock off a few dollars from the current Xbox 360 price, instead of releasing a new hardware.

Whatever the case may be, Microsoft probably has something planned out, which we are currently unaware of. Only time will tell whether these rumours are true and how they will effect us. What’s your say? Will you be ready to shell out your hard-earned money for a “Lite” version of a console you already have? Please give your valuable comments.


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