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Rumours have begun to surface that Google will be producing a line of tablets, in a way similar to it producing the Nexus series of phones, in association with a particular hardware manufacturer.

With the change of the Android Market to the Play Store, it is expected that a new tablet will be coming soon, which will be crafted by Google itself. It will also feature added options in the Play Store including the facility to buy magazines and newspapers.

Google started its phone ventures with the Nexus One manufactured by HTC. Its success was only moderate. Later, Google came up the Nexus S, which was produced by Samsung. This phone offered many innovative features and hence the Nexus brand took off. The latest phone by Google is the Galaxy Nexus, also produced by Samsung.

The original Nexus was not much of a success, but the remaining two Google Phones were a different story. This created a good name-value around the Nexus Brand, so it is expected that the upcoming tablets will also be Nexus Tablets.

It is said that talks are going on between Asus and Google to produce the tablet. This seems like a good decision, as Asus has good experience in producing quality PC’s as well as Tablets. It will be a 7 inch tablet and priced at $199. Details are not clear yet, but more information is expected to be revealed at Google IO 2012.

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