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A couple of years ago, the iPod Classic was the hot gadget everyone wanted to behold. It was a complete media hub. It sported oodles of space, an awesome design and form factor and battery life which seemed to last forever.

We must all remember those day. It used to be the “feature product” on BestBuy’s flyers and an ideal Christmas present for people of all ages. But those days seem like a long time ago. Today the time has changed.

In came the distant cousin of the iPod Classic. The iPod Touch.

The iPod touch gave us a way to interact with our media and the world in a way that the iPod classic never could. The iPod Classic was primarily used to play music, but could also be used to store images and videos. But comparing the display on the iPod Classic to the iPod Touch is like comparing a cat to a lion. (especially with the entry of Retina Display)

The iPod Touch not only provided an excellent musical experiance, but also allowed us to view pictures in all their glory. Along with that, we could watch movies on its crisp display.

The above mentioned features were all features which the iPod Classic could do, but the iPod Touch could do better. But there are also loads of features which the iPod touch can do which the iPod Classic cannot even dream of. We are talking about checking email, a shit-load of apps and games, a camera and so on.

What could the Old iPod Classic due but retire?

To be fair, we will agree that the iPod Classic is available. But it has lost the charm it once had. Its been a couple of years now, and Apple has brought no changes to the device. It is even priced at about the same price. In these times, where everybody is owning a smartphone and/or an iPod Touch, Apple should have made some changes to breath some life into the iPod Classic. It makes no sense that Apple is still demanding the same price for a device which they have not made any changes in, for the past few years

To be fair, we’d like to state that it isn’t purely the iPod Touch which has killed the market for the iPod Classic. The iPhone also plays a pivotal role along with other smartphones.

Do you think the iPod Classic will receive a facelift or will it be fazed out ? (i.e if the fazing out hasn’t already begun) What features do you think should be included if there was a newer model of the iPod Classic. Please share your valuable comments

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