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Diamond Multimedia has established its name for producing capture cards, but it looks like the Chatsworth based company has decided to dip its hand in the Android market too.

Diamond Multimedia has released the new Android based set-top box, the AMP1000, which when hooked up to our television sets will function as a media hub.

We will be able to view 1080p videos, play games, browse the Internet, all for the price of $120. You can even get the device for $100 if you go through its new scheme via Facebook.

The product looks decent, but ships with an old version of Android, namely, Gingerbread. It is a shame to see that manufacturers are still trying to ship the latest hardware with old versions of Android. Similar fate has been bestowed on the Nikon S800 camera, which also ships with Android 2.3

The market for such media-boxes, as of now, is pretty small. But if it floats your boat, it can be picked up at a price, which is decent, and would be a welcome addition to any tech-lovers arsenal.

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