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Earlier today, we had seen the press conference of Microsoft. It wasn’t bad, but it was also far from outstanding. Microsoft had not shown off any new IPs, and half the games they displayed were multiplatforms. So we had increased expectation from Sony. We were expecting some excellent new games to be shown off, along with some news about the PS Vita (upcoming games, a price drop). We believe that at the end of the day, Sony had a marginally better conference than Microsoft, but only by a feather.

Sony began its show by a game by the creators of Heavy Rain, Quantic Dream’s, latest project called “Beyond. This game is also a story driven game like Heavy Rain, and showed off exceptional expressions and emotions via the facial mapping technology, which makes the facial mapping of L.A Noire look  paltry.

Later on Sony showed off some exclusive footage of Assassins Creed III. The visuals were even better than before, and the environments really managed to amaze us. We also saw a new angle in gameplay, as we saw the character  manoeuvring a ship while in a  battle in the sea. It looks like the game is going beyond the standard historical city landscape route, and exploring new horizons.

Sony then showed off a game, which personally, we were all eagerly waiting for. God Of War:Ascension was shown off. It looked to be some more of the tried and tested form, but we are good with that. Why fix something which ain’t broken? Plus, Santa Monica is including multiplayer in God Of War:Ascension, which is a good enough change in the franchise for us.

The PS Vita was shamelessly ignored throughout the conference. It was just stated that a spin-off of Assassins Creed And Call Of Duty Black Ops will be available for the PS Vita very soon.

Sony also told  more about their Playstation Suite, which will from now on be called Playstation Mobile. Playstation Mobile will be soon coming to non-Sony devices, and HTC is high on the priority list.

Sony also showed of a demo of a new game, All Star Battle Royale, which is basically a rip-off of Super Smash Bros. We are not saying that the game will turn out to be bad, but the game does lack originality. The game will offer cross-play with the PS Vita, so that’s something new.

Sony ended the conference with Naughty Dog’s new game, The Last of Us. The Last of Us is a post-apocalyptic thriller which takes reality in the genre to a new level. The graphics of the game are one of the best we have seen on consoles, and the way in which the game was presented, was something which made us wish the demo was a bit longer. Kills performed in the game were with such a realism, that its going to be hard to see enemies simply fall upon gunshot in the older games we have at home.

With this game, Sony’s conference ended. Sony had more focus on first party games then Microsoft, which is a good thing. But it was sad to see how Sony completely ignored the PS Vita. If Sony keeps this attitude up, then the PS Vita will suffer the same fate as the PSP.

Oh yeah, Sony also showed off something called as the Wonderbooks, which are basically AR books to use in sync with the PS Move’s Eye. J.K Rowling’s was present at the revealation of this technology, as  she supposedly  wrote the story for the games featured in the Wonderbooks. In theory, the Wonderbooks may look interesting, but in reality, they we kind of… boring.

So what do you think, who had a better conference, Microsoft or Sony? Or do you not care, as you think Nintendo will come along and whip both their asses? Leave your comments in the comment section.

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