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Sony  had made its entry into the Android Market with the Xperia line of mobile phones. Although these phones were a hit with the consumers, with mobiles like the Xperia X10 and X10 Mini under its belt, Sony Ericsson was not really an innovator. Samsung rode strong on the waves of the AMOLED displays, and HTC with its beautiful customised UI (HTC Sense).

Sony did try to go a different way by incorporating a pair of virtual joystick with the Xperia Play, but that too, only to moderate success.

But Sony has come to show a new mid-range phone with a twist. The Xperia Sola having the Floating Touch Display.

It cannot be stated whether this is an innovation or just a gimmick as of now, but what we can say, is  that the feature can be exploited in ways beyond navigation, if the developers are interested in doing so. The phone features a 3.7 inch display, dual core proceessor, a 5 MP camera with 720p video recording and 8 GB internal memory. The phone will come with Android 2.3, but Sony assures that ICS will also be available upon relesase.

The Floating Touch is a special type of touch in which you finger, even when not in physical contact with the display, will be able to manipulate the interface. This features appears to be very cool and sci-fi, but only upon its release will we be able to say whether it is what  Sony calls “Magic” or is it just a features which will be dropped before it even generates a lukewarm response.

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