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Samsung has seen great success with both its flagship Galaxy Phones, namely the Samsung Galaxy and Samsung Galaxy S2.

Although many Android phones are present in the market, the Samsung Galaxy Series are the phones which acted as true rivals to the iPhone.

Talks of the Samsung Galaxy S3 have been going on for quite some time, but there have been no actual revelations regarding the specs. There have been quite a few leaks, but nothing more.

Samsung has finally taken a step in order to shed some light on the their flagship.

Samsung is holding a meeting on May 3, in London, in order to talk about their next Galaxy Phone. This may not mean the Galaxy S3, but it is more than likely, as this would be the perfect time to show off the phone, and create some fear in the mind of the Fruity Company (Apple).

Samsung is sending out invitations for this event. These invitations are quite simple, and have an image which states, “Come and Meet the Next Galaxy”. This makes it look even stronger, that they are planning to reveal the Galaxy S3 or the sequel to the Galaxy S2, but with a different name.

There are also blobs of some metallic liquid in the image, which may be referring to the phone having a liquidmetal body, with a similar colour scheme as depicted in the image.

Only time will tell what the meeting is actually for, but the revelation of the Next Galaxy is more than just a hunch

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