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You thought that the Samsung Galaxy Note was big, then you should have a look at the new Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8. It is the latest multimedia Android-based handheld device by Samsung, sporting a massive 5.8 inch display and it is coming soon. It looks as if Samsung is trying to draw attention towards its devices  by producing a devices with huge displays, which naturally draw attention to the devices. The Galaxy Player 5.8 is no exception to this rule.

Galaxy Player 5.8 Specificatons

The Galaxy Player 5.8 packs some impressive specs. It comes with a 5.8 inch display having a resolution of 960 x 540. It will have 1 GB of RAM and come coupled with 16 GB or 32 GB of memory. The Galaxy Player will naturally have Wifi and Bluetooth 4.0. There will also be  a front facing camera, which will be usable for video chat. Samsung has omitted a front facing camera. To power this device, there will be a 2500 mAh battery. The exact processor is yet to be revealed.

Galaxy Player 5.8 Features vs iPod Touch

Feature wise, Samsung has not introduced anything new which sets it apart from its competition. The Galaxy Player 5.8 will be competing with the iPod Touch, but looks like it will lag behind greatly, feature wise. The lack of a back facing camera is a huge draw for the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8. And although the screen size of the Galaxy Player is much larger than that of the iPod Touch, the iPod Touch has a higher pixel density due to which images appear to be much more clear. The large screen of the Galaxy Player look like more of a competition too a 7 inch tablet than to the iPod Touch, in which case the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8 would be unable to compete, due to smaller screen size, lower resolution, and an otherwise lower tablet like experience.

Galaxy Player 5.8 Release Date

According to us, the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8 will have a tough time competing against the competition, but for those of you who are interested in this device, it will be available after the IFA Trade show this week, where Samsung will apparently also be showing off a Hybrid Windows 8 Tablet, more on this later.


Price, as almost always, may become a deciding factor when it comes to the success of the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8. The Samsung Galaxy Player 5.8 must be priced at or below $200 to have any chance at succeeding. The Nexus 7 is priced at a similar price point, and if the Galaxy Player is priced any higher, then most consumers looking for  a tablet experience will end up purchasing the Nexus 7. On the other side of display sizes, the iPod Touch is available at the same price point, and has more features, and hence people looking for a portable media player will move towards the iPod Touch. Hence, some deep calculations and strategies must be taken into consideration before pricing the device. More Updates on the pricing will be soon revealed.


So for those of you who love Samsung’s jumbo devices, this is for you. Are you interested? Or is this a device you would like to pass? Leave your comments below.


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