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The Samsung Galalaxy Note was a phone…tablet… whatever it was, which people expected wouldn’t sell to well. It had an HD AMOLED display, a superb 8 MP camera, a powerful dual core processor, but despite all these plus points it apparently had one huge drawback… it ginormous screen size.

But this apparent drawback turned into this so called phablets selling point. People could not get over the huge beautiful display, and the S-Pen worked better then we had expected.

The Galaxy Note turned into a runaway success. It has managed to sell over 7 million units, and sales are still going strong.

Seeing this demand, Samsung is apparently coming out with the sequel to this mammoth phone. It has been leaked by a reliable source that Samsung will be releasing the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 by October this year. It will have good specs too. The Specs of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 include an even larger 5.5 inch Super AMOLED Plus display, with a screen resolution of 1690×1080, making it a full HD display. It will be powered by an Exynos Dual Core Processor, with 1.5 GB of RAM. The phablet will apparently come equipped with  an 8 MP camera.

The Galaxy Note 2 will ship with Android Jelly Bean, as it will be launching around the launch Window of this iteration of Android.

Now, After seeing the specs of the Samusng Galaxy Note 2, do you think it is worth buying? Do you think that the 5.5 inch display is overkill? Leave your comments in the comment section below.

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