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The Blackberry Playbook is widely considered as the biggest failure in the tablet market by a major manufacturer. The Playbook had decent specs for the time, but lacked some basic functionality, like push email, due to which it did not manage to sell well. On top of that, it had a very limited app market, due to which consumers were not willing to purchase the device.

Seeing poor sales, RIM slashed the prices of the Blackberry PlayBook by a large margin, and sales picked up slightly, but not too much. Many people bought the 16 GB version, which was available at a very affordable price of $199, making it a bargain spec wise.

But now RIM has decided to phase out the 16 GB version of the Playbook, and will be stopping its manufacturing all together. RIM will still be producing the 32 GB and 64 GB models, as they not only provide more storage space, but also offer greater profit to the manufacturers.

Seeing the adoption rate of the Blackberry PlayBook, we think that the production should be halted altogether, and RIM should work on developing a better OS for a newer upcoming tablet. RIM should also focus on increasing the apps which are available on their devices.

But this will not be happening, as RIM wants the Playbook in the hands of maximum developers, so that they learn how to make use of the QNX OS, which will be available in upcoming devices by RIM.

Do you think that its a good decision by RIM to cut the manufacturing of their cheapest tablet amongst the PlayBooks? Are you willing to shell out $249 and $300 for the 32 GB and 64 GB models of the PlayBook, or do you think it is better to stay away from this dying breed of tablets?

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