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This Year, Apple is focusing a lot on display technology. We have all come to love the Retina Display on the iPhone, and is was remarkable when we saw the same high resolution display on the new iPad.

Apple has spoiled us to the extent that we want the high resolution display in all the places possible. Apple had covered the phone and tablet market. And now they have decided to fill the void in the laptop market.

The Upcoming Macbook Pro will reportedly feature a Retina Display similar to that present on the iPad. This is looking to be really good news, as it will be a major upgrade to the current resolutions present on today’s laptops. It will also instigate the other major developers to produce higher resolution displays for their devices.

The new MacBook Pro 2012 will also feature Intel’s new Sandy Bridge processors. It is rumoured that the laptop will also have a new more powerful GPU, most likely the  NVIDIA GT 650M.

There will also be the addition of USB 3.0 ports. These will not replace, but accompany the ThunderBolt Ports.

Retina Display, or any type of high resolution display technology, as we can see, is moving away from just portable  devices like the iPhone and iPad, to larger devices like  laptops. We expect that similar resolutions will also be soon available on HDTVs. Only time will tell if this is true, but we have more than a hunch.

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