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The Android is a mobile phone operating system developed by Google, which is built on the Linux operating system software. Android has the features of a computer system that operates touch screen mobile phones, smartphones, personal digital assistance, and handheld digital devices.

Android is dominating the mobile operating system market, particularly in the effective development and implementation of business applications.

The most reliable business apps for android devices are:


  • Documents To Go: Documents To Go is the most common office suite app which is used to open, view and modify the Microsoft Office Word, Power point, excel and also PDF files. Wherever you go, you can carry all your necessary business documents on your mobile device and with the help of Documents To Go app, you can create, view and edit word, excel, PowerPoint and PDF documents which facilitate your business productivity. It is compatible with the up-to-date version of Microsoft office suite and Adobe PDF.
  • Expensfy: This App will synchronise with your debit cards or credit cards to track your purchasing or buying in real-time. It them converts this into electronic bills or receipts, scans hard-copy receipts or bills using the iPhone camera and finally converts it into a PDF file to track your financial status.
  • FormMobi: This app is used to create forms to build, personalize  collect data, pictures, audio etc. and distribute data. FormMobi app is also known as Digital Clipboard.
  • Evernote: Evernote is one of the mobile apps primarily used as a reminder tool. This app is used to remember everything in your daily life. Evernote allows the users to write and store notes, organize documents, set reminders, share documents, photos etc.
  • Google Drive: Google Drive app is developed based on Google Docs, it is used for creating and sharing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations from any of the apps through Google Drive with 5 GB of free storage. Google Drive App works with the concept of cloud computing in mind.
  • LocalVox: LocalVox is an online marketing app which will help to build and promote your business online. This mobile app  helps to increase your business presence on the web through various channels online like websites, social networking sites, local directories and e-mail marketing to promote offers and discounts, it updates itself regularly in order to maintain old customers and attract new customers.
  • Square: Square mobile app is used for accepting credit card payments by charging you 2.75% with every swipe you make. It’s a successful mobile app for small businesses for accepting payments through credit cards.
  • Cisco WebEx: WebEx App is a virtual meeting app designed for the busy CEO’s who are on the move and who aren’t able to attend the meetings. This app will help you to connect to the meetings wherever you are.

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