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Like it or not (and we at SynerGizmo don’t like it) handheld gaming is diminishing as time passes. With the entry of smartphones and tablets and to some extent gaming laptops, the purpose of a handheld vidoegames isn’t what it used to be. Yeah yeah, we know that physical keys can never be replaced by there digital counterparts, but that’s the techie-in us speaking. From the point of view of a common man, they are more than satisfied with their one-dollar games.

But lets not get into the fate of mobile gaming. a Lets talk about the two biggest talks in town. The PlayStation Vita and the New iPad. Both of them are portable multimedia devices which serve their own purpose, but have a slightly different audience. The PlayStation Vita is primarily a gaming device, while the iPad is a multifunctional do-everything device akin to a laptop without a keyboard.

But in this post, we’ll be discussing the hardware.

Lets get this straight, they both have formidable hardware. They both sport quad-core GPUs so no bargaining in the graphical department. But the PS Vita has half the RAM as the iPad. That may not be an issue now, but 5 years down Vorfreude the line, the story wont be the same. (We are saying 5 years because that is the life of a standard handheld)

But the by juice argument is the display. What do you like, the vivid OLED diplay of the PS Vita, or the Ultra Sharp Retina Display of the New iPad. Both are do what they do exceptionally. But to us, the punch of the OLED is too drawing. And after using the Playstation Vita for prolonged times, the iPads screens colours do look lackluster.

Coming back to gaming. The Vita Wins. Say what you will, Uncharted Golden Abyss is much better than Infinity Blade 2 in all departments. This is because of primarily the high-budget of the game and the complete experiance the analogs sticks of the Vita offer.

There are loads of other features we can go into, ranging from the camera quality, to the interface. But these will hardly effect the gaming experiance in  most cases. So if gaming is your primary objective, then go for the PS Vita (don’t forget the 3ds), if not then go for the iPad.



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