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With technology moving forward at such a fast pace, our expectations are increasing manifolds. Video Game consoles are no exceptions. With the coming of the Wii U, it looks as if the next generation of gaming is about to start, and rumour mills are churning like crazy.

One rumour, which we have heard for quite some time, has come under light once again. Apparently, the PlayStation 4 will support 4k resolution.  For those of you who do not know, 4k resolution means 4096 x 3072. I bet many of you are thinking WOW! It is quite a step up from the 1080p resolution, which has become the high definition standard as of now.

This rumour has gained significance with the announcement of  an 80 inch XBR LED television announced by Sony which will be supporting 4k resolution. Sony will probably try to market this as a feature of the PlayStation 4 so as to ship more units of not only the console, but also the wave of 4k televisions which will begin to hit the market by the time the PlayStation 4 releases.

Although the step up is pretty high when it comes to figures, but practically the jump in visual output may not be as great as expected. 4k resolution is so high, that the pixels will be inconceivable to the human eye. This may be a good thing, but we should take into consideration the fact that even with a 1080p television of a decent size, and sitting at a decent distance from our television sets, we are unable to distinguish between pixels. So unless the television size is very large, we will not practically benefit from the large increase in resolution. On top of this, it will not be financially feasible to produce content in that resolution.

The PlayStation 4 itself will also have to be a mammoth when it comes to power if it want to be able to play games at that resolution. And we all know that we are not going to see this any time soon. Current Generation consoles have a problem at playing full 1080p games without up-scaling. It is hardly likely that games will be produced in that resolution, even if the console can support video playback at that resolution.

Whether the PlayStation 4 will come to support 4k resolution or not, time will tell. But we recommend not getting your hopes up for 4k Gaming on a console any time soon.

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