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Opera Mini is a mobile web browser we have all used. It was the customary standard as a mobile browser back in the days when screen sizes of 2 inches was considered decent.

Since then, many new browsers have sprung up.  We have browsers from Firefox, to Dolphin Browser, to Safari and everything in between. But nothing does “speed” the way Opera Mini does.

Opera Mini 7 is another installation of the already successful line of mobile browsers and it is available for Android. It is similar to its predecessor, but features hardware acceleration like its big brother Opera Mobile. The new version of Opera Mini also has speed dials which can be stored upto infinity.

The new hardware acceration uses the phones resources to speed up page loads and make web browsing a more fluid experiance.

As always, Opera Mini cuts down on your data usage by 90%

Opera Mini has always been the best when it comes to speed, although it lacks some features which Opera Mobile has.

We experienced comparable performance when compared to Opera Mini 6, but noticed that it connects to our data provider better than Opera Mini 6, which commonly disconnected. (This may be just a hardware-software glitch. We tested on an Lg Optimus 2x)

What is your experience with the new version of the browser? Will it continue to be your browser of choice when it comes to speed? Or will you go for the more feature rich browsers?



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