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Nokia is mobile company which we all identify with. A company which has been trusted by millions worldwide. ┬áChances are that your first mobile phone was a Nokia Phone. But how many of you guys use a Nokia phone as your primary phone today? Where has Nokia’s appeal gone?

Since the entry of Apple and Google in the mobile market, Nokia has seen a steady decrease in its market share for its Symbian OS. So much to the extent that it has dropped its support with Symbian for all its high-end phones and shifted its attention towards the Windows Phone platform.

The release of the Lumia served as fresh-breath for Nokia. It was a phone which despite its lower specs (compared to its Android competition) was able to attract a fan following on the basis of its wonderful build, beautiful design, and the classy- Windows Phone 7.5 Mango Interface. Windows Phones wooed many people who were irked form Nokia’s Symbian interface, but still a desire remained in everybodies heart. A Nokia with Android!

Despite Many rumours and unofficial ports of Android to Nokia Phones (im talking about the Nokia N9 with Andoid ICS by the NIT Droid Team), Nokia hasn’t signed the dotted line with Google. This is for many reasons. Nokia is a company which likes total ownership of its products. When being branded a “Google” phone, Nokia believes it will loose its branding. But they believe that this is not the case with Windows Phones (yeah, I know, what the hell? ) Nokia lost its position as having the most distributed OS (Symbian) to Android. And with the emergence of Samsung Mobile, is also loosing its hardware base.

Will Nokia in the end bend for Google? Will the Lumia Series and Windows Phones change the future of Mobile Technology? Only time will tell. What do you think? Leave your valuable Comments below.


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