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Nokia has been having some pretty glum days  recently, and has been showing losses at every quarter. The Nokia Lumia helped in saving Nokia’s grace upto some extent, but Nokia’s real flagship device is yet to come, and everybody is eagerly awaiting the a Nokia Windows 8 Phone release date.

As of late, Microsoft has increased its attention toward the mobile phone operating systems, and Windows Phone 8 looks like Microsoft true dream-child, which will deeply shorten the gap between mobile and computer operating systems. Although the Windows Phone 8 platform will be available for many brands, Microsoft has chosen Nokia as the device which will serve as the Mascot. Windows Phone 8 OS was revealed on a Nokia device itself (which oddly looked alot like the Lumia 800). Microsoft introduced many changes in Windows Phone 8 with respect to Windows Phone 7.5, and one of the first devices, a Nokia Windows 8 Phone, will soon be revealed to the public in all its glory showing off not only the Windows Phone 8 operating system, but also Nokia’s new flagship device, which will be a successor to the Nokia Lumia 800 and 900, and put Nokia in direct competition with current Titans like the Samsung Galaxy S3, the HTC One X, and the upcoming iPhone 5.


Nokia Windows Phone 8 Release Date

Nokia will be unveiling two phones on September 5, 2012. One Phone is code named Nokia Phi, which will be the high end flagship model, taking the place of the Nokia Lumia 800 and 900. The other phone will be the Nokia Arrow, which will be a mid-range mobile phone, similar to what the Nokia Lumia 710 is at the moment.

Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 Specs

The expected specs of the Nokia Windows 8 Phone will be that it will come with a 1.5 Ghz dual core processor, an 8 MP camera, with a 4.7 inch curved display having a resolution of 1280 x 720. More features have not been leaked, but Nokia will be telling all at its conference on September 5. The Price for the Nokia Windows 8 Phones will also be revealed.

Will Nokia’s Windows Phone Gamble Pay Off?

When all other mobile phone manufacturers were rushing towards Android, Nokia took a radical decision and went the Windows Phone route. Exclusively.

Manufacturers like LG, Samsung and HTC also produce Windows Phones, but they also have devices which are powered by Android. Nokia has exclusively opted for the Windows Phone platform for its smartphone devices, but this is not yet paying off. Windows Phone Marketplace has very few apps, and as we all know, apps are one of the main features which drive smartphones sales.

Critically, the Windows Phone Platform is well received, being called not only intuitive, but classy in look, and speedy to use. The Nokia Windows Phone 7.5 device, the Lumia 800, was also critically lauded for not only packing an impressive screen, and camera, but having one of the best designs as of late.

But critical acclaim can only go so far. With iPhone leading the pack, and Android closely catching up, it is becoming tougher and tougher for Nokia to leave its mark. Nokia, which used to be considered the best mobile phone company is severely falling behind, and it is all on the shoulders of the upcoming Windows Phone 8 devices to move Nokia forward.

So get ready for the release of the Nokia Windows 8 Phones, code-named the Phi and Arrow, on September 5, which we will cover extensivly.


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