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Nokia Windows 8 Tablets- Price, Specs, Release Date and More

Nokia is a brand name which is known for its superb hardware builds in the smartphone market. There was a time, when Nokia was the most trusted mobile phone brand, but this went down severely with the inception of the iPhone and Android. Nokia decided to join hands with Microsoft to rectify this drop in market demand.

Going the Windows Phone route was considered an awkward decision by analysists, on Nokia’s part. When everybody was jumping onto the Android bandwagon, Nokia was taking an alternate route. Here enters the Lumia series of phones. They were critically lauded for their smooth interface and premium build quality. But the initial Lumia 800s and Lumia 900s seem to be only a warm up for what is coming in the future by Nokia. Windows Phone 8 OS was recently shown off, and will be featured in upcoming Lumia Smartphones. This is expected, but the Finnish Company is also going a separate route. We will reportedly be seeing a Nokia Windows 8 Tablet pretty soon.

Nokia has had its eyes on the tablet market for quite some time, but was waiting for the Windows 8 OS to surface before releasing its own Nokia Windows 8 Tablet.

Nokia Windows 8 Tablet (Lumia Tablet?) Specs

It is expected that the upcoming Nokia Windows 8 Tablet (which is rumoured to be called the Lumia Tablet), will be having a dual core Snapdragon S4 processor, coupled with 1 GB of RAM and a display resolution of 1366X768. It will be a Windows on ARM (WoA), tablet, and hence you will have to make use of Metro Apps, and not standard Windows Apps, such as the ones which will be possible on the Ivy Bridge-based Microsoft Surface. Details on cameras, expandable storage (if any), have not been revealed.

Nokia Windows 8 Tablet Release Date and Price

The Nokia Windows 8 Tablet is reportedly in production, and will be available in all markets by Q4 (post October 2012). Its release will be around the time of the release of Windows 8 itself, and will be releasing alongside various other hardware competitors, like Lenovo, Samsung, and even Microsoft Itself.

Although any price range has not been confirmed yet, expect that the price will be around that of current high end tablets, like the iPad, and Galaxy Tab, at above $500.

Does the Nokia Windows 8 Tablet stand a Chance?

Now this is the real question. Will consumers be ready to purchase a tablet from a mobile phone production company, or will it suffer the same fate as the likes of the HTC Flyer?

The competition in the tablet market is getting more and more fierce by the day. Apple already has a monopoly with the iPad, but new behemoths are entering everyday. The Microsoft Surface, Nexus 7, Kindle Fire are all ready to shake up the competition, only time will tell if the upcoming Nokia Windows 8 tablet will be able to create an impact.

Nokia needs more than just high specs and cool looking hardware, because this is something which the competition is already offering. Its hard to create a place in a niche when everybody is doing the same thing.

Maybe Nokia has something up its sleeve, which will make the Nokia Windows 8 Tablet a success. But until some solid details are revealed, we will have to wait and watch.


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