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The Nokia Pureview 808 was a phone to certainly goggle at. Yeah, it didn’t have a very good OS (Symbian?), but the 41 Mp camera was something which left us all in awe. The images were spectacular. But a camera alone is not enough to propel a phone to success. Maybe Nokia was aware of this and the 808 Pure view was just a concept, but it left us all with the desire for a smartphone featuring an excellent mobile OS and also the killer camera.

And in comes a rumour, as an answer to our prayer. The Nokia Lumia Pureview.

A Chinese website has shown off images of what they report to be the New upcoming Nokia phone which will be a Windows Phone 8 and also have the Pureview technology.

The image reveals a phone which looks very… different in its appeal. It has a super curvaceous body design and is shown in a bright peppy colour. Many might consider the phone to be ugly, but whatever it is, it is a looker.

The Phone will feature specs which will put the Nokia Phone in the leauge with the other Powerhouses.

Rumours claim that it will have a 4.3 inch Curved Glass Display, a 41 MP sensor for photography and a 1080p video recorder. It will sport a dual core processor with a Adreno 320 GPU. It will come as a Windows Phone 8.

Only time will tell if this phone does materialise, but we expect that it will. There is a demand in the market for a phone with an excellent camera, and we think that the Lumia Pureview will be able to fill in this niche. What is your say?  Leave your comments in the comment section below.

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