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We quite liked the way Windows Phone Mango turned out to be. We aren’t saying we thought it was perfect, but it was an OS which was doing something different, and not just trying to mimic a model which was already successful.

But we at SynerGizmo believed that in order for Windows Phone 7.5 to be successful, it was inevitable that there was a budget phone available for  the average consumer. We were also wishful that it would have decent specs. Not just a super-toned down version of smartphones like the low end Samsung Galaxy or LG Optimus Phones.

This is where the Nokia Lumia 610 comes in. It features decent specs and price point which can be afforded by everybody

The phone has a 3.7 inch display with a resolution of 480×800. This offers  pretty sharp image quality. Of course, it is not a Clear Black display, as seen  in the case of its elder brother, the Nokia Lumia 800.

It comes with 8 GB internal memory and 256 MB RAM. This RAM is coupled with an 800 Mhz processor, which gives a pretty lag free experience.

On the camera side, it has a 5 MP which is having capability of recording at 720p HD.

All this, with Windows 7.5 Mango, at a budget level, what more could a person ask for. The phone is available in a variety of colours, including cyan, magenta, black, and white.

The phone runs more fluidly than Android Phones in the same price range. The Lumia 610 will retail for $250 contract free.

Some major drawbacks which we have seen are also present in its elder brother. Lack of a secondary camera is a prime drawback. But this is a flaw in the OS itself and hence Nokia cannot be blamed.

So, what’s your say for this budget Windows Phone? Would you jump for it, or wait for something better to come? Leave your comments in the comment section.

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