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Nintendo has some big things planned for E3 this year, and didn’t want to spare precious time on showing off its hardware on their actual E3 conference, so Nintendo decided to show off their hardware a day earlier.

The focus of the pre-E3 conference was all Wii U and its controller.

The conference was precided by Satoru Iwata, the President of Nintendo, who revealed about some details of the Wii U.

Nintendo showed of the final version of the Wii U controller, known as the Wii U Gamepad. It was exactly as we had specified in the leaked Wii U Controller Post Earlier, you know, with  the actual joysticks instead of the circle pads. NFC will also be fully supported.

Nintendo also clarified some of the doubts which we had regarding how the controller would be used. The controller will be used to both serve as a secondary display while gaming, both multi player and single player, and also it can be used as the primary display, when somebody wants to game, while not using their television set.

The Controller will be used in various ways to try to offer a new gaming experience to gamers. For example sake, the traditional Wii remote can be used as a golf club, while the Wii U Controller will serve as a Tee.

For more traditional gaming, Nintendo also showed of the Wii U Controller Pro, which will have the same control layout as the Wii U Gamepad, minus the display and extra features like NFC. In our opinion, it looks strikingly like the Xbox 360 controller.

Nintendo later shifted their attention toward online social gaming by creating something called the Miiverse, which will be where all our Miis will be present and we will be able to interact with online gamers. The Wii U Gamepad will also feature a inbuilt web browser, featuring a special curtain feature so that you can browser the net, and chat with your friends, without everybody else in the house seeing what you are doing.

Nintendo focused entirely on the hardware of the Wii U, and will be focusing on games alone for their actual E3 conference. The Nintendo 3ds was completely ignored, but Nintendo has said not to worry, as they will be talking about the Nintendo 3ds at other gaming events down the lane. Details, like the price of the Wii U and release date, have also not been revealed.

The Pre-E3 Conference was exciting, lets take this as a hint, that the actual conference will be even better.

What is your opinion about the Wii U now? Are you convinced to buy it, or do you think something is missing?

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