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Nintendo had originally promised that it would not be revamping the Nintendo 3ds for quite some time, as they had already exploited all the  feasible technology. Yup, that meant no Nintendo 3dsi and no Nintendo 3ds XL for a reasonable amount of time. But Nintendo has again managed to piss its customers off.

With an untimely announcement (i.e post E3, for some unknown reason), Nintendo has stated that the Nintendo 3ds XL is coming soon. Coming soon in the respect that the release date of the Nintendo 3ds XL  is August 19.

Purchasing the Nintendo 3ds on launch, my biggest gripe was that the Nintendo 3ds had a small screen. Coming from a user who also owned a PSP, and a large screened smartphone, the display of the Nintendo 3ds looked puny in comparison. But still, i was glad to know that Nintendo had some good first party games coming out which would make my purchase worth it.

But now comes in the new Nintendo 3ds XL. It will be sporting a 4.88 inch top screen, and a 4.18 inch touchscreen on the bottom. The Nintendo 3ds XL will also sport a larger batter, lasting from 3.5 hours to 6 hours.

The release of the Nintendo 3ds XL comes as a boon for those who have not purchased the Nintendo 3ds yet, but comes as a blow for the loyal Nintendo fans who has purchased the Nintendo 3ds soon after its release.

Another shocking omission from the Nintendo 3ds XL is the lack of a second joystick. We had anticipated a Nintendo 3ds 2.0 somewhere down the line (maybe not so soon), but had expected it to have a second joystick when it arrived.

It looks like Nintendo will be releasing a second joystick accessory like the one it release for the original Nintendo 3ds.

The Nintendo 3ds XL will be releasing along with the New Super Mario Bros. 2, with a release date of August 19, priced at $199. Are you willing to purchase it, for only $30 extra  to the original Nintendo 3ds? Or are you (like us) on of those who is still regretting the early purchase of the original? Leave your comments in the comment section below.

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