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Nikon is a prime name in the both the SLR Camera market, as well as the point-and shoot market. An ever-striving company, always trying to produce high quality products, with the latest innovations.

Another step forward in this direction, is the rumoured Nikon S800, which is and Android Powered Nikon Camera. Nikon with Android may seem to be a weird combination, but it sure does increase the possibilities which crop up when it comes to editing and social sharing, right from your point-and shoot camera.

The Android based Nikon camera will be a standard point and shoot, with a 25-250mm zoom lens. The S800 will sport a 3.5 inch capacitive OLED display. The camera will be bundled with Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). This may seem pretty retro, in today’s Jelly Bean Times, but as long as there is seamless integration with social networking sites, and features to upload directly to cloud services, we may be able to overlook this gripe.

Expect the Nikon S800 to ship with a 16 MP Sensor, as this is the current norm for Nikon Cameras.

We have seen Android based Cameras before, like the Polaroid SC1630, and now we are ready for the Nikon S800. We can see the vision of Nikon, and we hope that it can achieve what it is going for, but we suspect that it will take a few more hardware releases by many manufacturers before we see a Android-Based Camera which truly lives up to what the consumers expects.

On a different note, would you rather purchase an Android-Based Camera, or do you want greater developments in the smartphone camera market, such as the PureView Technology by Nokia? Leave your comments in the comment section below.

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