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This Monday is going to be big for Microsoft. Apparently Microsoft has some big news to announce in their conference, which is to be held in Los Angeles at 3:45 PM Pacific Time/ 6:45 Eastern Time.

It is not confirmed what will be shown at the conference, but one thing is confirmed, that it will not be anything related to any upcoming Windows Phone (Windows Phone 8, to be specific), as Microsoft is holding a separate conference for the same on the 20th of June.

What can be the mystery device, which Microsoft will be unveiling. Lets take a look.

1. A Microsoft Ebook Reader

It is plausible that Microsoft will produce a budget tablet-cum-ebook reader along the lines of the Kindle Fire, which will offer Xbox Live Streaming. It was previously rumoured that Microsoft would be partnering with Barnes And Noble to produce a special Microsoft version of the Nook, which would offer heavy Windows 8 integration, as well as syncing with the Xbox 360.

This rumour has been confirmed to be false, and Barnes And Noble will not be partnering with Microsoft (as of now). But still that does not stop the chance of Microsoft releasing an Ebook Reader with some other brand (or starting their own new Hardware line, but this is unlikely)

This can be a good opportunity for Microsoft to show off what its Project SmartGlass is all about, by extending the use of Xbox beyond just PCs, Tablets and Smartphones.

2. A Microsoft Tablet

Microsoft may be unveiling some tablet which will be supporting Windows RT and be manufactured by Microsoft itself. This Microsoft Tablet  will be a direct response to Apple’s iPad. We think that a Microsoft Tablet unveiling at this time is a little less likely, due to the fact that Windows 8 is going to be released late fall, and it would be pretty early to show off a Microsoft Tablet at this point.

But still, rumours have been strong that Microsoft will be producing a Windows Tablet themselves, and since the event is having so much hype behind it, it may be the day for the revelation of Microsoft’s Tablet Dream Child.

3. Something Else?

Rumours may just be completely off, and we end up seeing something which we had not even expected. But this isn’t very likely, as many reliable sources have claimed that it is definite that Microsoft will be showing some tablet-ish device.

So I guess, we should wait and see what Microsoft has coming up for the great reveal. What do you think Microsoft will be showing off. Leave your comments in the comment section below.


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