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Microsoft Surface- Tablet or Netbook… or Laptop?

Ever since Microsoft showed off their new tablet venture, the Microsoft Surface, it has created a huge buzz in the tech world.

The iPad is considered the ruler, in terms of tablets, and each tablet release which takes place, is scrutinized with direct comparison to the iPad.

The Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy Tab are examples of Android based tablets which have been able to taste success to some extent, but still nowhere near that of Apple.

Mean while, while Apple and Google were fighting it out, Microsoft was underground, creating a star-child of its own. Here comes in the Microsoft Surface,which is Microsoft’s attempt to produce a Windows 8 Tablet.

Windows 8 is a rapid departure from what Windows users are accustomed to. It will be featuring the Metro-UI, similar to that seen on Windows Phones and the Xbox 360. It is optimised for touch interfaces, so it will be used for both PCs as well as tablets.

You probably all already know that Windows 8 Tablets are being manufactured by various hardware manufactures, including HP, Samsung, Lenovo etc. But now Microsoft has decided to intervene, and is launching its own hardware, namely, the Microsoft Surface.

The was released in a style which is commonly associated with Apple. Nobody was aware of what to expect, until the tablet was actually revealed.

The Microsoft Surface is coming in two flavours. One will be a cheaper version, shipping with Windows RT, and the other will be an expensive version which will be shipping with Windows 8 Pro. The Windows RT based tablet will be supporting a rumoured quad-core Nvidia Tegra processor, coupled with 1 GB of RAM. The tablet is only 9.3 mm thick, featuring an inbuilt kickstand.

The costlier Microsoft Surface, which will ship with Windows 8 Pro, will be powered by a laptop-grade Quad-Core Ivy Bridge i5 Processor. RAM is not confirmed yet. The tablet will be slightly thicker, at a thickness of 10.3 mm. This version of the Microsoft Surface will also come with a full HD display.

One of the best things about the Microsoft Surface is the accompanying case, which in reality is a keyboard which attaches to the Microsoft surface. There will be two version of the keyboards also. One version will be a touch bases keyboard, with a thickness of .3 mm, while the other will be a true keyboard with tactile keys, with a thickness of .5mm.

What does the Microsoft Surface have going for it?

All of the Android tablets in the market as of now, have nothing unique, which seperates them greatly from the competition. So what does the Microsoft Surface have going for it?

The Microsoft surface is a mammoth when it comes to power, first of all. The Windows RT version is more akin to a tablet, but the Windows 8 Pro version take on a decent laptop , heads on.

The addition of a keyboard will be welcome feature. Since the tablets will be sporting Windows 8, and we will be able to use Microsoft Office, it will be a pleasure to be able to type on a keyboard, as opposed to having to type on a virtual QWERTY keyboard (we all know how much that sucks)

The addition of a USB port and a HDMI port are also very welcome. With the USB port, we will be able to connect external mice, hard-drives, and god-knows-what to our Microsoft Surface. And HDMI will be used to connect to a larger external display, and hence give the full PC experiance.

Is Microsoft Surface a Laptop/Netbook?

“Is Microsoft Surface a Laptop?” This is a question which many people are asking. After all, it has a keyboard, comes with Windows 8, and features a USB port.

Well, not quite.

The Microsoft Surface which ships with Windows RT is more along the lines of a tablet (hardware wise), but the Microsfot surface which comes with Windows 8 Pro, is almost a laptop, but in a smaller package.

We will be able to use all Windows Apps on the the Windows 8 Pro based Tablet, as opposed to the Windows RT tablet, which will be used only for Metro bases apps.

The lack of a disc drive, enough data storage space, memory card reader, more USB ports are some limiting factors which come in the way of making the Surface a full laptop.

We believe that if Microsoft plays its cards right, it may be able to sell lots of Surfaces.

Will it compete against laptops? Nah, it doesn’t have all the requirements to do so (yet). Does it give a netbook a run for its money (ironically not price-wise)? Hell, Yeah.

Do you want the Microsoft Surface, or will you be sticking to your Apple Toy/Google Droid? Leave your comments in the comment section below.

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