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Lg Mobile had a late entry into the smartphone market, but entered bringing innovations at many fronts. Under Lg Mobile, was produced the world’s first dual core phone (Optimus 2x), world’s first 3d Phone( Optimus 3d), world’s first quad core phone (Optimus 4x), world’s brightest phone (Optimus Black), and now the world’s first phone with 2 GB of RAM, the LG LTE 2.

Recently the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S3 was revealed. It had a lot of hype behind it, and was being eagerly awaited by many. But there was also another smartphone which was being shown on the same day. This smartphone was shrowded in the shadows of the much more popular Samsung Galaxy S3. It was the LG LTE2.

The LG LTE2 was revealed on the same day as the Samsung Galaxy S3. And it features some pretty good specs. The smartphone has a 4.5 inch display, with a resolution of 720 x 1280. It also packs a voice activated camera (8 Mp, with 1080p video recording capabilities). The phone also features a cool feature, which is wireless charging. This was expected to be a feature of the Galaxy S3, but it looks like Lg beat Samsung to the game.

As of now, the processor of the phone is not confirmed, but we expect it to have a Snapdragon S4 processor. But this is not the actual thing in the LG LTE 2 which makes it attracting to us. The amount of RAM in this phone is what makes us want it.

The LG LTE2 will be having 2 GB of RAM, as opposed to the standard 1 GB present in most smartphones today. This is double the RAM of what we are using as of now. And one thing is for sure, this extra RAM can prove very beneficial. RAM is rapidly used up during multitasking in Android phones, hence having an extra GB of RAM will ensure that we are never throttled RAM-wise, while multitasking.

Many are considering the  LG LTE2 to be the underdog here, compared to the likes of giants like the Samsung Galaxy S3, or HTC One X, but we think that this extra GB of RAM, may be a feature which may gave LG the momentum shift it needs. The hardware present is solid, and if the software follows up, then Sammy and HTC may be looking at some new competition coming their way.

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