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Recently, the rumour mill is churning strong with news regarding the iPhone 5. With the recent showing of iOS 6, rumours are becoming more and more dense.

As far as we know, the iPhone 5 will feature a 4 inch display, with an aspect ratio of 16:9. It will apparently come preloaded with iOS 6, and feature a two-tone unibody design. The phone is expected to be slimmer than the iPhone 4s, and will feature a smaller connector dock.

The recently leaked image of the iPhone 5 (depicted above), was being believed by many as to be authentic. This image originally appeared on Flickr, after which it was picked up by various websites and tabloids, who stated it was a true leaked image.

But it is now confirmed that the image is nothing but an artists creative rendition of what he thinks the iPhone 5 will look like, based on the current rumours regarding its form factor, display size, and colour. The artist created the image with the help of a software called Rhinoceros 3d, and the image is purely speculative.

We cant wait for this fall, when we will most likely see the iPhone 5. Are there any killer features you think should appear in the iPhone 5, apart from those new features showed off for iOS 6? Do you have any creative designs of how you think the iPhone 5 should look? Mail them into us, and we will post the best designs.

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