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When the Kindle fire was announced on September 28, 2011, we knew it would be something cool. We loved our ebook readers, and tablets were also a hot commodity. The Kindle Fire was set to give us a flavour of both worlds.

The Kindle launched with gusto, having strong pre-orders, as well as heavy post launch sales. It was slated to be the true competitor to the iPad.

Well, we don’t know about being able to overtake the iPad, but the Kindle Fire did one thing. It became the Most Selling Android Tablet.

According to Comscore’s figures, the Kindle Fire has had 54.4 % sales of the Android market, followed by the Galaxy Tab trailing at 15.4%.

This goes to show that hardware specs are not everything. The Kindle Fire sports a 1 Ghz dual core processor, to power the 7 inch display having a resolution of  600×1024. This is pretty good compared to the budget tablets in its price range, but compared to the more powerful tablets like the Asus Transformer,  it suffers terribly (spec wise).

The Kindle Fire was able to succeed for many reasons. The Price played an important role in its success, as it offered a good Alternative to  the iPad without risking too much money. Also, with the Kindle, you got the huge collection of media from the Amazon, which is a good alternative to the mighty iTunes.

We expect the sales of the Kindle Fire to remain strong, and the competitor must really pull up their pants if they want a piece of the cake. Rumours have it that Google itself will be producing a budget $200 tablet. If Google plays its cards well, then Amazon may have some competition. Until then, those who have a Kindle, keep on enjoying it, and for those of you who don’t, go get one.

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