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 Is the iPhone Worth buying? This is a question which strikes everybody from pre-existing smartphone users, to newbies, looking out to buy their first smartphone.

The iPhone is a name which comes to mind immediatly when we think about smartphones. We can even go to the extent to say that it has a legendary status in the mobile phone market. But still the question remains. Is the iPhone Worth Buying?

Nokia, Blackberry, Samsung, LG, Sony are some of the key names which come to mind when we are thinking of buying a new smartphone. We have all also heard of the mobile operating systems like Android, Windows Phones etc. Somebody recommends buying an Android device, while another swears by Blackberry. All these different opinions make the consumer confused about which smartphone to buy.

We have hence, in the attempt to make your life easier, broken down the worth of buying an iPhone into three catagories. This will not only help you decide whether the iPhone is worth buying, but also give a big picture on the smartphone market of today.

1. Users Upgrading from a Dumbphone or Buying their first Phone

What They Will Love

Users who are going for their first smartphone, or users who are buying any phone for the first time are pretty cautious that they do not make a mistake. After all, a mobile phone is a device which we are going to carry around all day, so why not get the best.

For a person who has never used, or owned a smartphone, buying an iPhone will probably be worth every penny. Be it an iPhone 4 or an iPhone 4s, the new user will be pleased by the easy user interface, and the high quality build provided by the iPhone. iPhones are known for their top notch cameras, and hence the photographer in you will be satisfied (of course, not at a pro level).

The iPhone has the best sound quality through earphones, and along with iTunes massive library, the iPhone will be adored by music lovers.

Initially, new users may not be into apps, but later on down the lane, apps will eventually draw them, and they will be welcomed by a shit load of applications.

All in all, the iPhone has great appeal to new smartphone users, and it is unlikely that they will be unsatisfied. The iPhone with its beautiful Retina Display, large catalogue of apps, excellent camera, and user friendly interface is something that new users will definitely love

What They Wont Like

In general, new users will probably love the iPhone, but somethings may irk them. There are many features in phones which we take for granted, which will not feature on the iPhone, which will piss off many users.

The lack of bluetooth file sending, the inability to use the phone as a mass storage device, the inability to customize the interface are somethings which will really turn down news users, as even dumbphones allow us to perform the above mentioned tasks.

2. Users Moving From Other Smartphones to the iPhone

What They Will Love

Users which already own a smartphone are a breed which are tougher to satisfy. They have explored other horizons and hence have expectations to meet. But still they become followers of the fruity phone.

Android Users looking to buy a new smartphone may consider the iPhone, and if they purchase it, they will be pretty happy, as they will get an OS which is much more stable then the Android OS. No more force closes, no more late OS updates, no more lags in menus.

Also, they will be pleased with the sheer number of apps which will readily greet them when they cross over.

Blackberry users will be much easier to satisfy, as they will be getting a much more robust smartphone  experience then what they are used to. Blackberry has a shameful number of apps, and if analysts are to be believed, Blackberry is a dying breed. So Blackberry users will be pretty happy too.

Users such as those crossing over from Windows Phone or Symbian will also be happy, due to the fact that these OSes are either relatively new (Windows Phone) or dying out (Symbian) and hence users will get a much richer experience from the established iOS.

What They Will Not Like

Previous users of smartphones will have various gripes against the iPhone. If you have used a smartphone with screen sizes north of 4 inches, it will be tough to come down to a 3.5 inch display. Speaking of displays, if you have used an AMOLED display, you will also find the display on the iPhone as dull, as the iPhone will have a much lower contrast ratio.

The iPhone 4s has an 8 Mp camera, which is top notch, but if you have used phones like the Galaxy S2, which also has an 8 Mp camera, you may not be to surprised from the result. Having used a Nokia N8 or an Xperia S, the iPhone 4s may seem like a downgrade.

Lack of customizability is something which Android users will greatly hate. Android users are commonly seen fiddling with various settings, widgets, launchers, lockscreens etc. to make their screens look cool. If you are looking for this in an iPhone, then you are looking in the wrong direction.

Old smartphone users have judiciously used the facility to  upgrade their phones memory via external memory cards, but this is something which is not possible on the iPhone.

Purchasing an iPhone is usually a more costly affair then purchasing some other smartphone, with similar or better specs. Hence the iPhone does not offer value for money.

3. For Those Upgrading From a Previous Model of an iPhone

What they Will Love

As of now, the iPhone 4s is the latest model of the iPhone, although the iPhone 5 is also just around the corner. For those using a previous version of an iPhone, like an iPhone 3gs or iPhone 4, the iPhone 4s will be a treat. If a person already owns an  previous version of an iPhone, and is thinking of upgrading, it means he or she already thinks that the iPhone is worth buying. The buyer will likely not be turned down buy the lack of customizability, and closed nature of the iOS.

Existing iPhone users will love the super fast processor on the iPhone 4s, and also adore the excellent zero-lag shutter 8 Mp camera on the iPhone. All this with the best version of iOS till date (iOS 5), existing iPhone users will believe that upgrading to an iPhone 4s is worth every buck and then some.

What They Will Not Like

Admit it, the iPhone 4s looks exactly the same as the iPhone 4, and you are probably pissed off at the look. It is human tendency to expect a new look when purchasing a new device, be it for bragging rights or be it for personal satisfaction. If you are looking for a change look-wise, you better look  in a different direction.

Previous iPhone users may be looking for features which are not present in the iPhone 4s. For example NFC, a bigger display, the ability to customize the user interface. If you are looking for these thing, then Android Phones like the HTC One X, the Galaxy S2, Droid X, Lg Optimus 2x, or the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3 are your friends.

Windows Phones like the Lumia 900 or HTC Titan may also appeal to you.

Yeah, Yeah, But is the iPhone Worth Buying???

To conclude, we would like to say, that  according to us, the iPhone is worth buying for most users. Casual users will love the easy-to-use interface, the excellent camera, the beautiful display, the best in class sound quality, the mammoth iTunes store, and for some, bragging rights.

But if you are into customization, large displays, ability to upgrade memory, then Android is your best choice.

For users who love Windows, want a easy user interface, with integration with Windows and Xbox, and the silkiness of the iPhone, a Windows Phone is best, like the Lumia 900.

Until Blackberry pulls its act together, we would not recommend a Blackberry at this stage. But if you want a solid phone, with a QWERTY keyboard, and high security, Blackberry may appeal to you.


This is our say on whether it is worth buying an iPhone. The decision is up to you. After reading all this, do you think it is worth buying an iPhone? Leave your comment in the comment section below. We’ll make a poll out of it based on your comments.



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