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NFC is a feature which Google is aggressively promoting, and claims that it is the future of digitalised payment. But despite various rumours in the past, any version of the iPhone is yet to support NFC.

But leaked images of the front panel of the iPhone 5 suggest that the upcoming iPhone 5 will feature a NFC chip, and we expect that the mode of mobile payment will be integrated along with the new Passbook App, which will also be used as a virtual ticket carrier.

NFC has till now has not been able to cover much ground, but if Apple introduces iPhone 5 with NFC, we have a hunch that the NFC technology will get a kick-start.

As of late many images are being leaked and all claim that they are true images of the iPhone 5, and although this particular source is reliable, we still advice that you take this information with a grain of salt. NFC technology has not been considered too profitable or useful to most yet, and this may be a feature which Apple might be willing to overlook for this revision of the iPhone also.

Still, NFC in the iPhone 5 would be a pretty cool addition to its arsenal, and would help to consolidate its position as the world’s most selling smartphone.

Other inevitable features for the iPhone 5 include the presence of 4G LTE, increased RAM, and a larger display. Apple’s press conference will be on 12th September, when all the rumours will be cleared and we will finally know all the specs of the iPhone 5, and other things which Apple may have hidden under their sleeve.

Do you think that the iPhone 5 needs NFC? IS NFC a technology which you think is needed now or in the near future? Leave your comments in the comment section below.

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