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Apple has a knack for upping the ante with each revision of the iPhone. Each year, all major manufacturers come out with the latest versions of their  flagship mobile phones, but no other companies has more anticipation around it than Apple.

The new iPad was shown to the world at an expected time, and now rumours are rife that the new iPhone 5 will also be coming, expectedly sometime in June. And, boy, are the expectations high.

Many manufacturers have released superphones which really create a high-standard for the iPhone 5 to compete with. Some names include the HTC One X and the LG Optimus 4x. It is also expected that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will be soon revealed, which, if rumours are considered to be true, is a beast in itself.

Being aware of all these things, it is mandatory for Apple to pull all strings this time around, and produce a phone which leaves the competition in the dust. And we predict that this may actually happen.

It is more than likely that Apple is going to increase the screen size of the iPhone 5 to a rumoured 4.6 inches. Apple is also likely to ditch their standard LCD for the AMOLED technology. This can really be a boon, as AMOLED features unmatched contrast ratios which are something which will perfectly suit gaming and multimedia.

Apple will also be upping the processor form their A5 chipset to either the A5x, as seen in the new iPad. It may even feature the A6 chipset, which will be a step beyond. Apple may also diverge their processors in such a way that the iPad has a more graphics oriented processor, while the iPhone will have a more power-saving oriented processor.

The latest rumour is that the iPhone 5 will feature a 3d camera. If implemented correctly, this can be a breakthrough technology, which everybody will later try to mimic. This information has surfaced due to the fact that Apple has patented such technology recently. It is also possible that this tech will be used in some other place, and not the iPhone. But let’s keep our hopes up.

Internal memory will also be increased, as the 64 GB limit is not suitable these days.

If these rumours turn out to be true, the upcoming iPhone 5 will be the most powerful smartphone in the market. For how long? Maybe a couple of months at max, but Apple is known to set a legacy, which carries throughout the year despite the competition giving better specs.

With all these hardware changes it is essential that Apple also makes iOS 6 bigger and better than before. The iOS 5 may be fast, and bug free (mostly), but the look of iOS is starting to show age, and Apple needs to provide a major facelift.

Customization is a word from which Apple has always shied away. This has always been Android’s forte. But if Apple wants to steel some customers from the competition, it is essential that it gives the consumers more ways to personalise and customise the OS so that it is tailored to their needs.

The iPhone 5 looks promising, but if we all know Apple, we also all know that it probably has many secrets up its sleeves which we will not know until the actual launch of the iPhone 5. Will it be the biggest and best iPhone in history. Probably. Will it be the best smartphone created till date? Time will tell. Please leave your comments in the comment section below.

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