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iPad Mini Release Date

The Kindle Fire was the most selling Android tablet, which was primarily due to its price point, and the Amazon integration (to some extent). The recent announcement of the Google Nexus 7 Tablet is set to shake up the tablet-wars even more, as it is priced at the same price point, but offering a much more capable hardware.

The iPad may be the King of Tablets moments, but if the budget tablets begin to gain ground the way the Kindle Fire has, this could be a problem for Apple. But Apple is not a company  that will walk away without a fight. Apple is reportedly working on their own mini tablet, with a release date of some time this fall.

According to Chinese online tabloid. MyDrivers, Apple is producing a smaller tablet, which will have a screen size of 7.85 inches. and will be bearing a IGZO LCD manufactured by Sharp. The Mini Apple Tablet will be about as thin as the iPad 2, and will apparently also have retina display. More details have not surfaced yet.

The tablet will be priced at a range from $249-$299. The iPad Mini will have an expected release date of late fall.

The iPad Mini can come as a great hit to  the competition. The $400 iPad 2 is already giving budget Android tablets a hard time. The release of a $300 tablet may just be put Android Makers into a dilemma, and make them think that is the tablet market even worth it for them.

The iPad Mini with a release date of Fall, will also be a serious hit to the upcoming Microsoft Surface, who was also hoping to capture some of Apple’s market.

This years tablet war is going to be worth watching, and at the end, it will benefit the consumer.

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