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Over a year has passed, and we have seen no successor of the once mighty iPod Touch. The iPod Touch was at a time Apple’s most selling product, and the consumer eagerly waited for a new version to surface every year. But the fate if the iPod Touch was only limited.

The market for the iPhone got stronger and stronger, and people started to think that they didn’t need a dedicated music device. This lead to a drop in sales of the iPod Touch. We are not saying that iPod Touch hit rock-bottom, but we are saying that there was a relative decrease in its sales. The iPod Classic also saw a similar fate.


Apple was also eyeing the differences between the iPod Touch and the iPhone, and noticed that these differences were not strong enough to market them as complete different devices. After all, many people did consider the iPod Touch an iPhone without the phone.

And who can forget the entry of the iPad, which revolutionised the tablet market, and created a whole new (sort of) gadget category worth buying by consumers.

These three factors if seen from the point of view of Apple, were taken into positive consideration, and Apple decided to stop upgrading the iPod Touch. Over a year has passed, and we have seen no changes in the iPod Touch. Apple wanted to widen the difference between the iPhone and the iPod Touch, as well as create a niche for the iPad. And it succeeded.

The iPod Touch still sells strong (maybe not as much as before though), and Apple wants to reap the fruit till the end, without having to work on the tree again.

Rumours of the iPhone 5 are rife, and with it, we should also expect a slew of new versions of iPods. But there is a rumour which we are most excited about, which may further enhance the future of Apple. Will Apple discontinue the iPod Touch? Will it launch the new iPod Touch 5g? Or will it take a complete different hit at the game and come out with the iPad Mini?

Apple knows how to keep its secrets well, so we can’t be sure. But rumours are divided into two schools of thinking.

Some are saying, that we should expect a new iPod Touch this year with a vamped processor and GPU, but otherwise similar to the current model. Others are saying that there will be no change in the iPod Touch, and it will continue as such until stocks last, and then be discontinued.  It will then be replaced by the iPad Mini.

Although Steve Jobs has stated negative views regarding an iPad Mini, rumours still claim that we will be getting a miniature version soon. It will apparently feature a 7.85 inch display, but similar specs to its elder brother.

We personally  think that the launch of an iPad Mini will be a hit to the competition, as the iPad Mini is expected to launch at a affordable price ($249-$299), which will crush the competition fighting in the same weight category.

What ever the case may be; whether we see an iPad Mini or an iPod Touch 5g, we expect the end product to benefit Apple the most, and then the consumer.

So what do you have to say? Do you want an iPad Mini or a iPod Touch 5g?



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