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The iPad Mini and the iPhone 5 are both just around the corner. It is again that time of year when Apple is getting ready for its annual high profile revelation, and legions of fans will be waiting to see what the technology giant has in store for them.

This year is going to be extra special. We will be seeing two products which will not only be giving competition to other prominent brands in the field (Samsung, HTC, LG etc.), but will also be competing against each other. We are talking about the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini. They may not be competing for the same market, after all, one is smartphone, and the other is a tablet, but they are competing for the post of the number one gadget which Apple will be releasing this year.

Both the iPad Mini and the iPhone 5 have great prospects for them. Lets see what each of them have going for them.

iPhone 5… The actual Successor to the iPhone 4

Around the time the iPhone 4 was released, the competition was heating up big time, in terms of specs. With companies like HTC and Samsung producing screens north of 4 inches, and processors becoming multiple cores, people expected that the successor of the iPhone 4 would be pretty bad-ass. But many people were disappointed to find out that the iPhone 4 was not succeeded by  the iPhone 5, but with an iPhone 4.5, if you will, the iPhone 4s. Although the internals were pumped up, and the camera was improved, the iPhone 4s did’t seem like a substantial update to many users, and hence they all have been waiting eagerly for the iPhone 5.

This year the iPhone 5 will definitely be shown off. And it will be all what fans have wished for, and more.

If rumours are believed to be true, the iPhone 5 will sport a 4 inch Retina Display, and pack a similar processor to the iPhone 4s, except with upgraded graphics. The iPhone will come pre-installed with iOS 6, and feature a 8 MP camera, similar to its predecessor.

Again, apart from the increased screen estate, the iPhone 5 doesn’t look as much of an upgrade. But we all know that this is the way the Apple plays the game. Increase the specs a bit, and then market the marginal changes like crazy.

iPad Mini… The Tablet that wasn’t supposed to be.

Steve Jobs had clearly stated that there would be no iPad Mini, but after the death of Mr. Jobs, and in light of the stiff competition by the likes of the Kindle Fire, and the new Nexus 7, it looks like Apple is having to eat its own words.

The iPad Mini is coming, and if it turns out to be what it is rumoured, it will be a major road-block for the competition.

The iPad Mini will reportedly be a stripped down version of the current iPad, and may not feature Retina Display. But it will come ready with the latest iteration of iOS, and at a price point of half of the original iPad. We can’t wait or all the iPad vs iPad Mini comparisons which will inevitably crop up, but we expect that the low price point is going to play a pivotal role in the success of the iPad Mini.

With these two devices having a revelation on 12th September, and the iPad Mini and iPhone 5 release date on 21st September, this month is going to be really fun for the tech-lover. Which has got you more pumped? The iPad Mini or the iPhone 5? Or are you a part of a different bandwagon, and are anticipating the Microsoft Surface and/or Galaxy Note II more? Leave your comments in the comment section below.


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